Ditch Your Prescriptions, The Miraculous Plant Centaury Is Good For Everything!

Ditch Your Prescriptions, The Miraculous Plant Centaury Is Good For Everything!

Yvette Darlene
February 02 2017 - 04:21pm

If you don't like using chemicals and prefer natural treatment methods, centaury is perfect for you. This miraculous plant has so much to offer to your body; as long as it is used correctly and adequately. You can use this healing plant in flower or oil form. If you don't trust the world enough to buy the oil from a store, we also have a recipe for homemade centaury oil. Let's see if you will be as surprised to learn about its benefits as we were!

*Pregnant women and people suffering from a chronic disease should consume centaury under their physicians' supervision.

1. Bleach effect

Centaury oil is antiseptic and therefore prevents wounds from getting infected. When mixed with natural honey it also acts as an antibiotic!

2. Speed

Centaury oil helps your cells regenerate faster and rids your skin of dead cells.

3. You don't have to be as red as a lobster.

You can use centuary oil, which is known to heal burns quickly, also as a sun block. It also alleviates the pain caused by burns.

4. Shrinking blood vessels

As centuary has a shrinking effect on blood vessels it stops bleeding in case of a big accident. You can stop inner or outer bleeding by consuming it orally or rubbing it on the bleeding area.

5. Migraine?

Only those who have migraines can understand the torture. You can use the oil to massage your head or drink centaury tea. Both of them will soothe your pain.

6. Rheumatism

Apply centaury oil by massaging your back, waist, or wherever it is that is giving you trouble. If you combine it with thymine and cade oil it will be even more effective against your aches. Centaury is also known for healing rheumatism.

7. No more rash!

It is especially good for the diaper rashes babies get. Dilute the centaury oil in water just to make sure that your baby won't develop an allergic reaction.

8. It should be awesome to be able to eat everything!

Those who have problems such as ulcer and gastritis can alleviate their gastric pain and treat the diseases. How about a cup of yummy centaury tea?

9. You won't need your donut cushion any more!

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids you can use the oil externally and consume it as tea.

10. Let's go and get down the business.

When consumed internally it helps digestion and stops diarrhea.

11. Wounded? (Don't worry, who isn't?)

We aren't sure if it helps with emotional wounds but it definitely helps with bedsores and cuts. It also heals wound marks.

12. So long, psoriasis!

Although it may cause itching and dry skin during the first couple of days, centaury also heals psoriasis. When you apply it on your skin you will also see the recovery yourself!

13. Don't hit the streets after having centaury tea!

Centaury works as good as pharmaceutical expectorants when taken internally.

14. Go tell your mom!

Menopause is another dark period of time for women, but worry no more! Centaury also helps with menopause symptoms. Have 1-2 cups of centaury tea daily and enjoy!

15. Radiant skin!

Apply centaury oil on your skin if you want it to look as smooth as a baby's! It also helps to clean the black spots in your t-zone, spiloma, and bruises. Take a piece of cotton, add a couple of centaury oil drops and massage your skin. Start off with less and see how it goes without risking any potential allergies. If you have sensitive skin, you should do this every 2-3 days, not every day. If you are still scared then test it on your wrist first.

16. Let's get some volume for that hair!

Centaury oil repair your scalp and facilitates new cell growth in the skin. It also helps with rashes and eczema in that region. Massage your hair and scalp with centaury oil and let it soak for half an hour before hitting the shower.

17. Let's get rid of that depression too, shall we?

Did you know that this awesome plants also works like an antidepressant? 2-3 cups of centaury tea per day will cure your depression.

18. Say bye to cold sores!

Use a piece of cotton to cover your cold sore in centaury oil.

19. Wanna loosen up your nerves?

Nerve pain and or compression can be quite annoying, but they can also be eliminated if you massage those areas for a while with centaury oil.

And here are 3 recipes for this super hero plant that can save you from lots of pain:

And here are 3 recipes for this super hero plant that can save you from lots of pain:

Oil: Put the dry flowers of centaury plant in a half-liter bottle. Fill it with olive oil until the olive oil can cover the flowers. Stretch a cheesecloth over the hole. Leave it exposed to the sun for 5 days so that it will ferment. Later, close its cap for real and keep it for another 45 days, but only expose it to the morning sun. After this 45 days, start using it after filtering through the cheesecloth.

Tea: Brew 2-3 teaspoons centaury in boiled water for 10 days and enjoy!

Paste: Pulverize the flowers and mix it with triple amount of honey and eat maximum one dessert spoon daily, after meals.

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