Director Of Women's Movies: 13 Essential Features Of Pedro Almodóvar Cinema!

> Director Of Women's Movies: 13 Essential Features Of Pedro Almodóvar Cinema!

Human nature, love, passion, obsession, identity, aesthetics, and more. All of these remind us of one of the most important movie-makers, the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar! A cinematography that is as melancholic and poetic as it is colorful and daring. 

13 essentials of Pedro Almodovar movies!


Women's solidarity.

Pedro Almodóvar mostly tells the women's stories by saying, 'The sensitivity of women has always impressed me. On the other hand, Spanish culture and cinema focuses on female characters rather than men. Garcia Lorca had felt and defended this way before than me.' In the stories he told us, women were not reflected as foes but as founders of a women's solidarity. These women stand shoulder to shoulder against the male-dominant world.

Fetish actresses.

As many other directors, Spanish director has also some fetish actresses who play roles in more than one of his movies. Carmen Maura and Penélope Cruz was the most important ones.

Frequently used warm and pastel colors.

Colors that speak for a separate emotion! The dashy orange densely used, the red for passion; warm Latin colors and pastel tones are the musts of Almodóvar cinema!

Spain, fresh freed from Fascism.

Almodóvar cinema is one of the best telling about New Spain by revealing the cultural - sexual depressions and numerous pains of change in a country freed from fascism.

The burden of the past and the reckoning

The burden of the past and the reckoning are the building block themes of Pedro Almodóvar movies. The movies make you feel the burden of a constantly denied past and the belated reckonings because of the denial.

Sexuality open to discussion

Almodóvar cinema is a rebellion against the social norms where women and men are acknowledge. It declares that there are gays, transsexuals. The famous director unfolds the human body with all its challenge.

Traces from the history of art

Almodóvar cinema which has made a breakthrough with its aesthetics, contain traces of art history masterpieces which influenced the director deeply.

Broken stories

This cinema is not the cinema of happy and perfect stories. Almodóvar movies are decorated with broken stories, losings, comebacks, traumas and reckonings.

Plot twists flabbergasting the audience

Almodóvar cinema is built upon not the expected but the unforeseen. Any encounter, a single second in the movies of the maestro stupefies the audience and changes all the flow in an instant.

Songs that inspire the urge to learn Spanish

The movies shot by the camera of the Spanish director, in addition to their poetic and lyrical features, inspire the desire to learn Spanish with their soundtracks and the songs sung in the movies by the characters.

An example to those songs, from Volver...

Traces of Hitchcock

Another essential feature of Almodóvar: traces from Alfred Hitchcock movies, whom he was influenced from. In many of Almodóvar's movies we see scenes that give props to the scenes in Hitchcock's movies. One of these, as seen in the image, is the scene from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, sending a glimpse to Hitchcock's Rear Window.

Losing men and losing manhood

Men are in the background in the movies by the maestro. He doesn't tell about the macho men's world. Men and manhood is doomed to lose in Almodóvar's cinema.

Marginalized stories!

Almodóvar cinema tells about the often-ignored stories over the stories of housewives, stars, elders, mothers and daughters, heterosexuals, transsexuals and gays. These stories are very close to ours and they are marginal at same time.