Did Frodo Become Gollum In LoTR? A Deleted Scene Revealed!


It's been almost 15 years since the Lord Of The Rings trilogy was shot. We watched it over and over again. It's perfection. What if I give you a little detail to make you as excited as the first time again?

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I want to show images from a scene I came across the other day, which most fans don't even know about.


There's no solid explanation about why this scene was removed from the movie The Two Towers.

As you all know, the only hobbit who got a hold of the ring for a long time wasn't Gollum. Frodo also had to battle against the temptation of the ring.


Especially when the ring was at its most powerful.

It seemed like without Sam's help, Frodo's destiny would have been the same as Gollum's. However, this was only our assumption.


What if we told you that Peter Jackson didn't leave it to our imagination and filmed such a scene?


It's a scene that was shot at the time he was making The Two Towers. However, it didn't end up in the original movie.


After all these years, we found out that he might have turned into a Gollum-like creature, as seen in this scene.

The deleted scene was supposed to take place in Faramir's dream inside of a cave.


Even though we don't understand why it was removed from the extended edition, we could say that they did an awesome job with his makeup.




After getting you hyped with all these photos, we had to show you the actual scene.


We recreated the scene for you with all the lines.

Faramir, when he realized that Frodo and Sam were hiding the ring from him,

Faramir: Now this solves the puzzle. I found you in all this chaos with my army standing by.

He gets lured by the ring, and tries to take it

Here's the ring of power on the tips of my fingers. A chance for the commander of Gondor, Faramir... To prove himself.

Frodo, who goes into a trance after this, goes into the dark part of the cave.

Frodo: Nooo!

Faramir spaces out into the darkness while Sam tries to protect his friend.

Sam: Enough! Leave him alone!

Faramir, who saw the vision of Frodo turning into Gollum, understands how hard it is to carry the ring for Frodo and what it made him turn into.

This situation makes him realize and keeps him from making the same mistake with his brother, Boromir.

Don't you understand? He needs to destroy it! That's where we're going to, Mordor!

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