Chiara Ferragni, Queen Of The Blogosphere!


Here's Chiara Ferragni! The most popular fashion blogger of our time!

Chiara was born on 7 May 1987 in Italy.

She caught the attention of people by her friendly behavior and her love for cameras. She started modelling when she was 5.

When was 16, she was a model for a famous brand.

Chiara's interest in the fashion world was increasing day by day.

Riccardo Pozzoli, her BF at that time, persuaded her to start a blog.

Riccardo was studying finance and he was developing strategies about how start-ups can be successful through the use of digital platforms.

When Riccardo's marketing strategies met with Chiara's iconic style, "The Blonde Salad" was born.

This blog was called "The Blonde Salad" because Chiara was going to share everything that she likes on this site.

Click here to check out her blog!

Chiara was studying law at Bocconi University when they started her blog in October, 2009.

Chiara shared her looks regularly on her blog. Her warm-hearted behavior attracted many people's attention in a short time.

Chiara's unique style was hard not to notice. She combined high fashion items with affordable pieces!

She was looking out for Fashion Week invitations and she contacted with brands to start projects.

The Blonde Salad was a huge success after 2 years. She worked hard for that!

At December 2011, the web site reached 1 million clicks!

She was nominated as "one of the biggest breakout street-style stars of the year" in March 2011 by New York.

They did all of this together!

However, this only motivated them to go on! They started working harder to develop their business.

After a while, Chiara released her own shoe line.

You can have a look at those 'Flirting' shoes here.

"The Blonde Salad never stops!" This has became Chiara's motto. She did shootings all over the world and continued to make creative projects with famous brands.

She was invited to all fashion weeks around the world, from London to New York. She was at the front row, of course.

She became the ultimate IT Girl!

Her style inspired thousands of people at all ages.

Although they have decided to end their relationship, her business partner is still Riccardo Pozzoli.

Chiara announced their break up on Instagram.

They moved on with others after their break up.

They happily work together and they are still very close friends!

Chiara is now a face of many different well-known brands.

Her blog, which she bought for 10 dollars, has become a successful fashion and lifestyle platform.

Chiara is the first blogger to ever appear on a Vogue cover!

It's not over yet!

Even Harvard Business School has made a case study on her blog!

Chiara proves her success every single day with her ever growing business! She is one of the key people that turned blogging into a career path.

We are gonna see a lot more Chiara in the following years, we are sure!

Good luck Chiara! Keep on being awesome! 🙏

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