‘Byron Baes’ Will Set To Premiere on Netflix In March- Get To Know More About This Lifestyle Reality Series

> ‘Byron Baes’ Will Set To Premiere on Netflix In March- Get To Know More About This Lifestyle Reality Series

‘Byron Baes’ is a controversial Australian reality show that examines social media star culture in a city known for its entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and health practices.

Byron Baes is a rare portrait of Australia's influencer hotspot, set in a lovely coastal town in northern New South Wales. The 'docu-soap' looks to be loosely scripted with real-world emotions and incidents, similar to other worldwide productions.

‘Byron Baes Season 1’ Trailer And Release Date

Netflix has released the first trailer for its divisive new reality series Byron Baes, which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the really stressful life of being very, really, absurdly beautiful looking.

The first Byron Baes trailer is, unsurprisingly, exactly as predicted. The series offers a startling look at how the formerly peaceful coastal village has been converted into a lifestyle hub, featuring a buffet of gorgeous individuals who have been surgically enhanced and spiritually exalted.

‘Byron Baes’ premieres on Netflix on March 9th 2022.  You can watch the first trailer below.

Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

‘Byron Baes Season 1’ Synopsis

Byron Baes will follow a group of ‘trendy-hustlers, musicians, designers, spiritual healers, and artists who help each other expand their businesses, contacts, and social followings,’ according to the official synopsis. ‘We follow Jade and Sarah, two newcomers from the Gold Coast, as they attempt to make it at Byron Bay, the Instagrammable epicenter of Australia's counterculture.’

‘Byron Baes Season 1’ Cast Ensemble

The new show stars a slew of recognized faces who have made their mark online in recent years. Jade Kevin Foster, spiritualistic therapist Simba Ali, The Bachelorette alum Nathan Favro, wealthy elite Alex Reid, former Love Island contestant (and one-time milkman for The Block) Elias Chigros, businesswoman Elle Watson, blogger Hannah Brauer, musician Sarah Tangye, couple Dave Frim and Saskia Wotton, and twin sisters Jessica and Lauren Johansen Bell are among them. From the Balenciaga sneakers to the aura readings, this strange group of folks has an oddly hypnotic effect.

‘Byron Baes Season 1’ Controversies

International tourists have been flocking to Byron for years, hoping to take in the breathtaking countryside and catch a peek of A-lister Chris Hemsworth in his ludicrous house, but the town has recently become a hotspot for social media stars. Byron Bay has given birth to a new population with the right blend of beaches, bars, and botox, and not everyone is happy about it.

Locals were outraged when Netflix first announced Byron Baes last year, fearing the show will minimize issues such as rising unemployment, low high school graduation rates, and high instances of gendered and domestic violence. A group of worried neighbors even launched a petition at the time, encouraging local business owners and government authorities to halt manufacturing, but it fell short of its 30,000 signature goal.

The group stated that it did not want the region to become a 'reality show punch line,' warning that the negative consequences of being featured on a worldwide platform would only affect the local population. Despite the petition's failure to reach the required number of signatures to have a meaningful impact, Netflix is pushing on with its influencer series, which has garnered a lot of attention, both good and bad.

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