‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’ Releases on Netflix This Week—Details, Release Date, and More!


Comedian Bruna Louise comes back after being in the dating game for a while. Turning the storms of terrible relationships into hilarious jokes, Bruna returns to give us laughs and joy with ‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’.

Brazilian actress Bruna Louise is known for being one of the first comedians to speak from the perspective of a woman in the stand-up comedy scene in the country.

‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’ Release Date

‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’ Season 1 will be released this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 on Netflix.

About ‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’

‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’ is one of the upcoming shows to be released on Netflix this week. Bruna's 'Demolition' series gained massive success on various platforms after only a few episodes were released. Season 1 is now available to watch. The fans are very excited about Bruna Louise Demolition Season 1 and want to know when it will be released. On June 22, 2022, Bruna Louise Demolition Season 1 will be published.

More About Bruna Louise

Bruna Louise is a Brazilian actress and comedian, and is noted for being one of the first female comedians in Brazil. Bruna began performing in theater in her teens, and she used to say that she recognized she had a talent for humor when she attempted drama and was laughed at. Early in her career, the performer did several plays. Still, she quickly discovered her true calling was stand-up comedy and dedicated herself to it. Her first stand-up show was called "Desbocada" and her second solo show was called "Deslocada".

What to Expect in 'Bruna Louise: Demolition'

Bruna Louise is featured in Season 1 of ‘Bruna Louise: Demolition’, which will be available on Netflix this Wednesday. Other characters appear in the film, as mentioned above, so enjoy it with your family and friends. The film's release date, as well as the cast and trailer details, are shown above. For many of these Binge watchers, Bruna Louise Demolition Season 1 has been on their list of things to see.

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