Ataturk Urban Forest: A Natural Haven in the Heart of Istanbul

Ataturk Urban Forest: A Natural Haven in the Heart of Istanbul

Berfin Ceren Meray
April 22 2023 - 01:31pm

Ataturk City Forest is a magnificent place, offering an abundance of natural beauty and numerous outdoor activities. It's considered one of Istanbul's green lungs and is situated in Sarıyer, a district famous for its lush greenery. The forest covers an area of over 1000 acres and boasts three tranquil ponds, as well as an extensive network of hiking trails.

In addition to its natural wonders, Ataturk City Forest has several amenities such as a cafeteria, a sports field, a children's playground, an outdoor parking lot, an urban agricultural area, a festival area, and a viewing area. Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat or an active adventure, the Ataturk City Forest is the perfect destination for both locals and visitors alike.

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Information About the Ataturk Urban Forest

Information About the Ataturk Urban Forest

Atatürk City Forest or Hacıosman Grove with its old name is a forested area located in Sarıyer. This is a place administratively affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. This forest area, whose name was changed to Atatürk Urban Forest on May 19, 2020, was again organized by the IMM on these dates and then opened to visitors.

There are three ponds and hiking trails in the Ataturk City Forest, located between the Haciosman, Derbent, Ferahevler and Darüşşafaka districts. Covering an area of more than 1000 acres, the forest also has cafeteria, sports field, children's playground, outdoor parking, toilet, urban agricultural area, handicapped elevator, festival area, viewing area sections.

With a 1.8 kilometer long Chitkushu Trail, a 2.8 kilometer long round trip Water Trail and a 3 kilometer long Forest Trail, it offers a unique area for those who like to do sports and walk. In addition to a total of 12 kilometers of hiking trails, Ataturk City Forest also has entrances named South Gate, Darüşşafaka Metro Gate, West Gate, Bostan Gate, Hacıosman Metro Gate, North Gate, East Gate and Göle Gate.

Atatürk City Forest, all the roads of which are illuminated by street lamps, also offers a place to sit with benches on the sides of the road. Since there are garbage cans everywhere, it also comes to the fore in terms of cleanliness. The historical Police Station Building and the Bosphorus Reconstruction Directorate are also located in the Ataturk Urban Forest.

Where is the Ataturk Urban Forest? How to Get There?

Where is the Ataturk Urban Forest? How to Get There?

The Ataturk Urban Forest is located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul. You can get here by using these means of transportation:

Haciosman Metro Station

Darüşşafaka Metro Station

If you want to come to the forest with your own vehicle, you can also use the following address and location information:

Address: Çamlıtepe, 34457 Sariyer/Istanbul

Ataturk Urban Forest Entrance Fee and Visiting Hours

Ataturk Urban Forest Entrance Fee and Visiting Hours

There is currently no fee for entering the Ataturk Urban Forest.

The visit time information is as follows:

It is possible to visit every day of the week from 05.00 to 22.00.

Living Species in the Urban Forest of Ataturk

Living Species in the Urban Forest of Ataturk

Atatürk City Forest is home to countless living species.

The types of plants you can see here are:

  • Sessile oak

  • Thuja oak

  • Hungarian oak

  • Alder

  • Akkavak

  • Aspen

  • Walnut

  • Plum

  • Red pine

  • Larch

  • Peanut pine

  • Beach pine

  • Yellow Pine

  • Servi

  • Fig

  • Apple

  • Cherry

  • Hawthorn

In addition to these plants, you can also see plants such as hazelnuts, cranberries, prickly pear oak, pink flowering spruce, white flowering spruce, privet, heather, mullein, kocayemis, rose hips, deer thorn, akcakesme, buckthorn grass, medlar, smirnag and morcak in the Ataturk City Forest.

There are also many bird species in the Ataturk Urban Forest, where flowers such as buttercup, veronica, ballybaba, primrose, violet, turnip, dandelion, daisy, wild pea, meadow button, cinquefoil, triangle, clover and wild vetch are also found. The types of birds you can see here are:

  • Kizilgerdan

  • Hedgerow

  • Blackbird

  • Nightingale

  • Carrion crow

  • Yali flirtatious

  • Mallard

  • Little cormorant

  • Water chicken

  • Grey heron

  • Parrots


Comments on Atatürk Urban Forest

Comments on Atatürk Urban Forest

If you want to examine the opinions of other visitors before going to the Ataturk Urban Forest, you can check out the comments below:

'Although it is in the city, it is a beautiful place that few people know about, where there is a hiking trail, beltur cafe and plenty of greenery. It almost attracts the burden of the city's fresh air. There are also a few places in it, such as a lake and a viewing terrace. Transportation is very simple, it is within walking distance to Haciosman metro. For those who want to come by car, there is an underground parking lot operated by Ispark under the metro. Bus stops are also very close. You can bring something to eat and drink with you and consume it on the lawn and spend time on the lawn. There are benches to sit on, but there are no tables.'

'Everyone should go when there's such a nice opportunity. Regionally, there are panels showing birds and plants in each area. Beltur facilities are new and working perfectly, but it is nice if your purpose of coming here is to visit a cafe. If you feel brave, enter through the small paths that enter the forest. I personally bought a footpath myself, and by putting your chair there, you can sit quietly for hours and feel a real forest spirit.'

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Other Places You Can Visit While You are Around the Ataturk Urban Forest

Other Places You Can Visit While You are Around the Ataturk Urban Forest

Other places you can visit while coming to the Sariyer area are as follows:

  • Emirgan Grove

  • Sakıp Sabancı Museum

  • Rumeli Fortress

What do you think about the Ataturk Urban Forest? Tell us in the comments!

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