An Extraordinary Claim: Is This How You Get Super Powers?


Sun gazing has been a practice that ancient civilizations of Maya, Egypt, Aztec, Tibet, and India have resorted to in order to cure some illnesses.

However, it has also been claimed that sun gazing leads to super powers!

The findings from the most recent studies agree with this rather 'wild' claim. Let's see together what it is all about.

Sun gazing is a practice of watching the sun during the times of the day that ultraviolet rays don't damage eyes: sunset and sunrise.

Sun gazers state that this practice has some certain rules.The most important one rule is to engage in sun gazing within an hour after sunrise and an hour before the sunset.

The second rule is being barefoot during sun gazing. Your body should be in contact with the world.

Moreover, start sun gazing for a short time and then gradually increasing the time you look at the sun is very important for your health. It is recommended that you start with 10 seconds a day and add another 10 seconds every day.

Nikolai Dolgoruky is an Ukrainian man, who has been sun gazing for the last 12 years.

He says that he stopped needing food 9 months after starting sun gazing and that he gets all necessary energy from the sun. Additionally, after 9 months, walking barefoot in nature improves the epiphany that comes with sun gazing and he claims that it is very good for one's health.

And what happens to the human body while sun gazing?

During the first three months of sun gazing, the rays from the sun enter our brain and stimulate the hypothalamus through our eyes and this flow of energy keeps affecting the other parts of our brain. The first change you feel is the decrease in the tense feeling from the energy we get from the food we consume; as well as a decrease in anxiety.

What we eat also takes its energy from the sun. That's why sun gazing results in loss of appetite after a while.

But the important point is that you have to keep on sticking to your normal eating habits even after starting sun gazing. According to what experts of sun gazing say, this practice will lead to a loss of appetite in a more gradual and natural way over time.

Another blessing sun gazing bestows on us is improved self-esteem and calmness while solving problems.

We all have our fair share of psychological problems. Engaging in sun gazing for a few months is said to solve these problems, and causes negative energy to leave our body and rid us of our fears.

According to ancient belief, negative aspects in humans are only caused by deprivation of sun rays.

Potentially devastating emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and lust are replaced by a sense of infinite trust and illumination once we let sun's energy transform our brain.

Moreover, 3-6 months of sun gazing is said to have a healing effect on physical problems.

The results that are claimed to be found show that a 30-minute session of sun gazing per day is helpful against physical diseases since the rays and colors coming from the sun affect our brain.

The ideas put forward show that the sun gives us all the energy we need to go on with our lives.

Once you sun gaze for 7-8 months, your need for food will start diminishing; once you reach 9 months, physical and mental problems disappear, as well as the need for energy from other sources.

It is recommended that this practice is left after 9 months and barefoot walks should be retained.

And an experiment proved that sun gazing doesn't have a bad effect on our eyes!

We have all heard that looking at the sun with the naked eye damages the retina. However, there are specific times of the day (that we already mentioned) during which it is fine to look at the sun with the naked eye. The researchers who examined the sun gazers' eyes didn't find any kind of problems or vision loss.

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