‘Action Pack Season 2’: Release Date, Plot and More

‘Action Pack Season 2’: Release Date, Plot and More

Pauline Nicole Sael
June 03 2022 - 04:38pm

'Action Pack,' a preschool computer-animated children's streaming television series developed by Shea Fontana for Netflix, was created by William Harper. The show was first announced in September 2021 as part of a quartet of Netflix Original Preschool shows aimed at children aged 2 to 6. Chris Hamilton is the executive producer of the show

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‘Action Pack Season 2’ Plot

'Action Pack Season 2' follows a group of adolescent superheroes who enroll at Hope Springs' Action Academy. By just zipping up their hoodies, members of the Action Pack receive exceptional skills that allow them to help others and escape dangerous situations while also learning important lessons.

‘Action Pack Season 2’ Voice Cast

Fans should expect the main voice cast to repeat their roles in the second season. We should see some new faces as well.

  • Sydney Thomas plays Treena, a girl with plant-controlling abilities. Her badge is shaped like a flower and is green in color.

  • Watts is played by Oscar Reyez, a young child with the ability to control electricity. His hue is blue, and a pair of lightning bolts adorn his badge.

  • Wren is played by Julieta Cortes, a young woman with animal-like talents. Her badge features a cat's paw print and is yellow in hue.

  • Clay Patel is played by Nevin Kar, a young man with abilities to control plasma and force fields. His color is red, and his badge is shaped like a sun.

  • Mr. Ernesto, the Action Pack's adult mentor, is played by Giancarlo Sabogal. He is accompanied by Plunky, a robotic dog who serves as his teaching helper.

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  • Dinah Rex is played by Hartley Wexler, a young girl who is enamored with dinosaurs. This passion has driven her to commit a number of heinous actions throughout town, most of which are carried out by her robotic dinosaur minions.

  • Jackie is played by Kimberly Brooks.

  • Abby, Gabby, and Maddy are three identical triplets who live in Hope Springs as Lotus Blossom.

  • Cold Snap is Sander, a young child with wintery white skin who adores playing in the cold. He flies with a jetpack and has the ability to create winter weather patterns.

  • Phil Donut, the local baker of Hope Springs, is played by Jason Hightower.

  • Pepper is played by Brennley Brown, a baker who is motivated to outdo Phil Donut by employing a variety of pastry-themed weapons.

  • Crimson Cape/Rupert is played by John Eric Bentley, a former student who is now a full-time superhero. Watts looks up to him.

  • Mason is played by Jakari Fraser, a friend of Treena's who is a little boy with rock-like skin. His abilities include the ability to roll up into a sphere and incredible strength.

  • Teddy Von Taker is played by Jason Maybaum, a little boy from a family of thieves, including himself.

  • Sky Patel is played by Eleanor Noel Delgadillo, Clay's younger sister with a comparable power set.

  • Chuckles, a clown villain who later becomes the Crimson Cape's sidekick, is played by Jim Conroy.

Action Pack Season 2 Release Date

The second season of ‘Action Pack’ is scheduled to premiere on June 6, 2022. 

Although an official confirmation is pending, the upcoming season is expected to include ten episodes, just like the first.

‘Action Pack Season 2’ Trailer

You can have a sneak peak at the trailer of ‘Action Pack Season 2’ on YouTube. You can check out the trailer of Season 2 here as well.

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