9 Quick Steps To Get Firm Breasts!


No one's getting any younger. As a result, your boobs will go through some "changes." We have some tips and tricks to up your boob game! Do these and your boobs will be forever grateful to you!

1. Tie balloons to your nipples.


Although it sounds ridiculous when you first hear it, there is no better or more natural method than this to resist gravity and stop your boobs from sagging.

2. Do push-ups, but not the push-ups that we know, this one is called BOOB-PUSH-UP!


As we all know, the more fat the boobs get, the more they sag. So don't lose any time - get down and do boob push-ups! Use your boobs to push yourself off the floor.

3. Hire someone who will always walk behind you and hold your boobs.


That person should also moisturize his/her hands a lot.

4. Wear a boob shelf instead of a bra. Yes, a regular shelf.


With a cute little shelf, your boobs will be firmer than ever!

5. Don't sleep on your front, or your sides, or your back. You know what? Actually don't sleep at all!


Your boobs might flop around while you are sleeping. So stay awake at all costs!

6. Don't take your bra off, even in the shower.


By setting your boobs free, you are letting gravity get to them.

7. Stay away from the exercises that require you to jump: jumping rope, running, walking, moving or doing anything at all.


Stay still, your boobs will be thankful.

8. Raise your arms up while walking so that your boobs look better.


This one will surely avoid boob sag and give permanent result.

9. Massage your breasts with a feather to promote lift.


Careful! Use a feather of a bird that can fly. Chicken feather might have counter effects.

Or just enjoy yourself and let them sag if they want to!


Funk that!

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