7 Sound Reasons To Marry A Photographer!


A photographer's relationship status is usually not so important. If they're seeing someone, it's ok, if not, they'll just go out and keep doing more photoshoots. All he/she cares about is Adobe Photoshop! But photographers are much more special than you'd think. Here we give you 7 solid reasons to marry/date a photographer!

1. Loyalty...

They'll treat you just like they treat their photos. They stick to one software, one style and a certain type of objects. Photographers don't enjoy change.

2. No certain bad habits!

Just pour some coffee and watch them work silently. Photographers are not usually party animals. Instead, they prefer observing from the other end, wondering if he/she could put together a few nice shots.

3. Extraordinary dads!

They're sharp and have various perspectives. Your kid will learn how to approach/see things differently!

4. Easily satisfied!

No need to stress over gifts. Your anniversary coming up? Grab the next USB stick. Birthday around the corner? Pull some money together and buy a new lens. You'll make him/her the happiest person in the world!

5. No time for silly things!

Since they spend hours in the studio or waiting for the perfect moment, they don't believe in doing nothing or standing still. Every activity must be productive.

6. Clean and tidy!

Your place will be cleaned up just like their lenses! Also, be prepared to face extreme OCD levels of tidiness at certain times!

7. The best one: LOTS OF MEMORIES!

All your precious moments captured, put together and displayed in the best way possible. What else could you ask for?!

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