28 Blissful Moments Women Should Be Thankful For Their Boobs!


Tits are one of the many wonders of human body and obviously loved and adored by everyone. Fluffy, plump plump dollish things. Do not associate it with sexuality straight away as it is pretty related. But there are loads of other enjoyable things you can do with them. We found several, you work up the rest!

1. Would there be a softer place to rest or show your kitten around?

2. For a warm, comfortable nap as well.

3. Do you want to tell your pet how life presses up against your shoulders? Well, you got it all sorted out!

4. Don't worry if you didn't take her for a walk, you have enough room for her to exercise.

5. And once they get used to it, it'll be very hard to stop!

6. It is the most appropriate place to play games, by the way kudos for having such breasts.

7. Got a puppy instead of a cat? No problem there either!

8. You can easily take part in the awareness events frequently arranged on social media: Holding a pen under your breasts for example?

9. Moreover, you can even take it much further and start your own trend.

10. They are already piece of art, how about going on step further?

11. Even further further away…

12. You have no clue where to put your drink at a party, club or pub? Well, we know...

13. It doesn't necessarily have to be a club! Your personalized coffee table is ready to serve at home, as well.

14. They're right there for you whenever you'd like to spend a mellow night by yourself.

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15. Are they disturbing you under the table? Have you ever experienced the comfort of putting your breasts on the table or bench?

16. You could never find a better tool to make jokes about popular culture items!

17. Did you know you could bring them to life and give personality with interesting t-shirts?


18. Or you could make music with them?

19. Are you aware of the mingle-mangle bras out there? They can make your day.

20. You don't have to carry your mobile in your hand like men do!

21. They're even ideal for "hands free" talks!


22. There'll be moments during your school life to be thankful for 'em, too!

23. Ears, nose, bellybutton, eyebrows, lips not enough? Say no more!

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24. Seeing the jealousy, lust and demand on men's face is even enough to love your boobs!

25. The ultimate joy you get even from faking it! Ha ha!

26. Hey, we almost forgot! You can use them as the perfect tray to have your meals on!

27. And then have a desert.

28. And of course before going to bed, lay down and read your book on them.

Hell you can even add a third and triple the joy. They are yours anyway, who's to say no? Not us for sure!

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