26 Oddly Funny Things Only Roommates Would Get!

26 Oddly Funny Things Only Roommates Would Get!

Chelsea Wrots
August 02 2016 - 03:05pm

There will always be a special connection between you and your roommate. No one else knows all the aspects of you. 

You share a very special place with him/her, where you feel the most comfortable and can act as your true self; your home! Your roomie will never judge you becaauuuse: you’re home! Where else can you feel this comfortable?

Your roommate will be there when you need them, and love your true self with all the weirdness you have.

Sentences that begin with “There’s something I want to tell you, but you have to promise you won’t judge me..”, “I know It sounds weird, but…” are always told to your roommate. Feel free and let everything out, you’ll be together at the end of

the day anyway!

Here are your 26 annoying habits that only your roomie can understand!

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1. Ordering food 3 times in one night

Your roommate won’t make your endless hunger a problem, because he/she did the same thing the other night!

2. Not doing your laundry and using perfume for the stink.

You’re always busy. You may not have time to do your laundry. You’re ready to go out when you put some perfume on! Who’s gonna notice that you’re wearing the same thing you wore yesterday, anyway?

3. Going out all the time

4. Passing out in various places of the house

4. Passing out in various places of the house

The bed might seem too far away once you’re drunk, and you might fall asleep wherever you are. Your roommate won’t judge you for that.

5. Farting, burping and all the other weird noises coming out of your body

It’s better when it comes out rather than staying inside.. By the way, guys who are reading this: don’t get us wrong, girls don’t do these, of course!

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6. Overhearing his/her phone calls

Many houses have thin walls… So you might accidently overhear your roommate’s fights with her mom or special talks with her boyfriend. She won’t get angry because of this.

7. When there’s nothing left in the fridge other than pasta and leftovers.

It's pretty normal to finish everything the same day you go grocery shopping!

8. Walking around with your most natural look

This is one of the best things about living away from the family. Wearing underwear is sometimes uncomfortable, or just boxers might seem like enough. Your roomie will understand.

9. Smoking in your room or using the ashtray like the trash can.

Some habits are hard to break. Your roommate knows.

10. Never cleaning your room or making your bed.

What’s the point of making it if you’re going to make a mess again the same night?

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11. Lying on the couch, motionless, for days.

Sometimes it’s hard to get up and go places..

12. Being a fan of teenage TV shows like “Gossip Girl,” “One Tree Hill,” or “Pretty Little Liars”

Your roommate may even start watching them, just to spend time with you.

13. Bringing girls over.

Of course he won’t like it when you find someone random from a bar, but he won’t say anything about it.

14. Throwing up from drinking too much.

If you still have a roommate (supposing you're lucky), she/he won’t say anything about this, either.

15. Talking a little (!) too much with your mom

“A little?” According to who?

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16. Not knowing how to do laundry

You’ll learn in time…

17. Complaining about the most stupid things.

One of the biggest responsibilities of your roommate is to listen to you complain!

Even though he won’t be too careful listening, it’s his main job!

18. Falling into depression after a break up.

And listening to the most depressing songs.

19. Eating junk food all day.

What’s better than eating chips and chocolate all day and not being judged? Your roommate’s reaction would be joining you instead of judging you.

20. Wearing the same outfit as the night before when you go out.

Is it posted on Instagram? No. Then the same outfit is more than fine.

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21. Showering for hours.

Since your roommate hasn’t showered in the past week, he'll be fine with this too.

22. Listening to One Direction while getting ready to go out.

None of you would judge each other for that. So what? It's getting you in the mood!

23. Getting back together with your ex over and over again.

Your roommate may not find it right and even get annoyed when he/she comes over, but would never judge you.

24. Talking about the things that you don't like about your best friend.

You have to express yourself in some way!

25. Sleeping in the clothes you’re planning to wear the next day

So you gain 20 more minutes for your sleep. Your roommate will understand.

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26. Using paper towels when there’s no toilet paper left.

26. Using paper towels when there’s no toilet paper left.

Sometimes you may forget to buy toilet paper and it may be too late when you realize it.

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