24 Things Only People Obsessed With Stationery Will Understand


I’m not really sure how or why I came to care so much about the quality of the paper, pens, envelopes, etc. that I use at work but I gotta admit, it’s just so damn satisfying to have the prettiest and most pristine stationery in the office (or really anywhere I go).

Those obsessed with stationery are a very specialized cult of humans and if you have to ask if you’re a part of it, chances are you’re not.  But if you are a stationery freak, these are the 24 things you’ll be able to relate to:

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/genamourbarrett/...

1. You have so many notebooks you can barely keep up.

2. Still, you can convince yourself that you need a new notebook at any given moment.

3. Choosing a pen is a very important decision.

4. So you like to keep an array of pens for every occasion.

5. You somehow manage to buy several planners a year.

You somehow manage to buy several planners a year.
You somehow manage to buy several planners a year.

6. You have a preference over narrow or wide-ruled paper.

7. And it really bothers you when you get the wrong one.

8. The only thing that makes going back to school worth it is the fact you have a legitimate excuse to buy new school supplies.

9. There is nothing more satisfying to you than a freshly sharpened pencil.

10. But you wince every time the lead breaks in your mechanical pencil.

11. You hesitate if someone asks to borrow a piece of paper and it involves you ripping it from one of your favorite notebooks.

12. And you would NEVER let anyone borrow your favorite pen. O.O

13. Because losing your favorite pen is the most devastating thing in the world.

14. Messing up the first page of a new notebook or accidentally bending a page is frustrating as hell.

15. You love the look and smell of Sharpies.

16. You remember your elation when you first used a fountain pen and the glory of buying different colored inks for them.

17. You love a good, neatly organized list.

18. And rainbow-coloured stationery has a special place in your heart.

19. Your highlighter collection is on point.

20. Paperchase and Muji are two of your favorite shops.

21. You have a special appreciation for other people’s handwriting.

22. And watching calligraphy is your very own form of meditation.

23. You’ve debated whether it’s OK to spend more money on a piece of stationery than a piece of clothing.

24. But the answer is always the same – of course it is. Because there’s nothing quite like the feeling of productivity that buying new stationery brings.

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