24 Celebrity Flaws You've Never Heard Before!


Nobody is perfect, even the celebrities that make us envious with their 'perfect' looks!

Here are the physical defects of some celebrities you haven't ever heard about, until now.

1. Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia, who amazes us not only with his good looks, but also with his acting, was born with a conjoined twin on his shoulder. Because of her development, his sister was removed from his shoulder with an operation so that the actor could still live. However, this operation left deep scars on the actor's shoulder that he still carries.

2. Seal

Seal, who is known for his mesmerizing voice, has had lupus disease for a very long time. This chronic disease, which is caused by immune system's attacks on the peripheral tissues and organs, left deep scars on Seal's face. Had his disease been diagnosed and treated in its early stages, these scars wouldn't have developed.

3. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington's pinky finger, which attracts attention even from a good amount of distance, got injured in a basketball game that he played as a child. The finger that broke did not get corrected properly because of the doctor's mistake. Unfortunately, it still hasn't been fixed despite the many operations he has had.

4. Tina Fey

Tina Fey, a successful comedian, writer and actress, has a deep scar on her face that is pretty noticeable.  She got this scar because of a horrible assault in her childhood. While 5-year-old Tina was playing in front of the house, somebody approached her and cut her cheek randomly. Being just a child, she thought that this was somebody 'marking her with a pen.' She could not shake this terrible event off for a long time.

5. Padma Lakshmi

The popular TV personality, Lakshmi, has a deep scar on her arm. This scar is a result of an accident that took place after she was discharged from the hospital where she had to stay because of Stevens Johnson Syndrome at the age of 14. She and her family had a traffic accident while they were driving back home from the hospital. However, she likes both the wound and its scar, and doesn't even feel the need to hide it.  Just like other parts of her body, this scar, too, is a part of her!

6. Daryl Hannah

If you look carefully, you can see that the tip of Daryl Hannah's left index finger is missing. The reason is a childhood accident that she had in her grandmother's house. Her left index finger got caught in the water-well pulley. She mostly uses a prosthetic finger in movies in order to hide the missing finger tip.

7. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix, who is not only very handsome, but also very talented, was born with a harelip. However, this situation has never negatively affected his success.

8. Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa, who is a strong defender of animal rights, has polymastia (accessory breasts). It is said that Krupa has three nipples because of polymastia.

Other celebrities who have polymastia:

9. Lily Allen

10. Carrie Underwood

11. Tilda Swinton

12. Mila Kunis

If you take a careful look at them, you can see the color difference in Mila's eyes. This condition, named Heterochromia Iridum, results from chromosome defects and surely has not taken anything away from her beauty.

Other celebrities who also have this condition:

13. Kate Bosworth

14. Jane Seymour

15. Demi Moore

16. Elizabeth Berkley

17. Henry Cavill

18. Vince Vaughn

A part of  Vaughn's thumb is missing due to an accident he had.

19. Megan Fox

Fox, who amazes the whole world with her beautiful face, has clubbed thumbs.

20. Karolina Kurkova

The physical defect of the Victoria's Secret angel is not noticeable at first sight, but she doesn't have a belly button. Kurkova's belly button couldn't develop because she was born prematurely, at 7 months. Adriana Lima's belly button is added to her body in her photos by using Photoshop.

21. Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton, one of the Bond Girls, was born with 12 fingers. The 6th fingers were removed from each hand with an operation later on, but the scars of this operation have, of course, remained.

22. Kesha

Kesha once told in an interview that she had been born with a tail and that she had it removed with an operation she had gone through later on. We don't know if she has the scar of this operation, but it is surely pretty interesting!

23. Jenifer Garner

Garner's physical defect is not visible as long as she stays away from open toed shoes. She has a condition called Brachymetatarsia, i.e. one of her foot bones is shorter than normal.

24. Paris Hilton

The heir to hotel chain Hilton, suffers from amblyopia, which means that one of her eyes is more closed than the other one. Paris tries to hide this by always posing from the side view.

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