23 Tips For Guys To Up Their Sex Game!

23 Tips For Guys To Up Their Sex Game!

Chelsea Wrots
July 20 2016 - 01:11pm

Do read these lines carefully first, then thank me later! These little reminders might actually improve your sex life a great deal!

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1. Unfortunately, we need to emphasize this first: Don’t hurt the woman! The thing called hardcore depends on getting consent. If she’s not enjoying it, don’t do stupid things and hurt her!

Even the Hippocratic oath’s first rule is not to hurt the patient. It also applies to sex; don’t hurt the woman!

2. The rule is simple; if you’re getting an orgasm, you need to give an orgasm! I still don’t understand how there are still some of you who don’t get this. Women don’t make love just for you have an orgasm and go to sleep.

3. If you don’t like your woman’s naked body; if her belly fat, cellulitis, breasts, etc. disturb you, you can just walk off. You don’t have the right to insult anybody because of their body!

4. The clitoris is not a monster! If you don’t know how to take care of it, or if you don’t want to take care of it, masturbation is waiting for you, bye!

5. Dirty talk is also something mutual, like hardcore. It makes no sense when you stupidly say things like "whore," "bitch," or "I’ll f*ck you hard."

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6. You can’t buy stupid underwear and force women to wear them! Are you looking for a partner or a slave?

7. Having fantasies is not something special for you. If you can’t stand a woman with fantasies, just stay away from sex.

8. The last thing you should do while having sex is to get angry! If you’ll get angry because she can’t get in the position you saw in a porno, go find Sasha Grey and leave us alone.

9. Don’t skip foreplay, don’t skip foreplay, don’t skip foreplay, don’t skip foreplay! Maybe you’ll get it like this.

10. Don’t expect the woman to do everything. Your job is not just to push like a rabbit!!

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11. If you don’t visit the clitoris, don’t expect a visit to your penis.

12. Sex toys are not just for singles! If she wants to use them while having sex, accept it. Stop thinking that you're more than enough for her. You can only think this if you can stay hard and go for hours, and also vibrate at the same time.

13. “Get her consent.” You should never forget this. The things you do without getting it can be considered as an insult.

14. Try to suck on some ice before you go down. We can’t talk about everything here!

15. It shouldn’t be hard to keep the room you’re about to have sex clean and light up some candles... No one's ever died from a little romance.

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16. Maybe you can take a break from the bellowing noises you make while having sex! There’s no rule saying you can’t talk during sex.

17. There’s no single time and space for sex. Women love to have sex in different times and places. Be a little spontaneous and open up for some excitement.

18. Women actually direct you with the noises she makes during sex. Use your brain to understand how she gets pleasure.

19. If you can’t do that one, try to ask. I’m sure she won’t hesitate to tell you how she gets the most pleasure.

20. Boobs are not toys made out of plastic. Stop thinking that you won’t hurt her when you touch them.

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21. Boxers with pictures and funny things should’ve ended in high school! If you still have one of those on your butt in your 30s, please throw it away.

22. Don’t forget to hug the woman and make her feel good after sex! You still shouldn't go to sleep right after!

23. Print this content and read it twice a month. Maybe you’ll learn some things.

P.S.: Friends who think they’re good enough and won’t learn how to have sex from me, please die somewhere far away.

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