21 Weirdest Japanese TV Shows That Will Mindf*ck You

21 Weirdest Japanese TV Shows That Will Mindf*ck You

Celeste Ora
August 01 2016 - 04:24pm

Japanese TV shows are one of a kind. These programs find all the things that are beyond your imagination. They are full of WTF moments. It's very hard to understand why people even bother to go through these shows. We created a list full of the weirdest TV shows of Japan. Japan will never cease to surprise us!

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1. Running away from the Komodo Dragon.

Imagine a long rope. One side of this rope is tied to your body. The other side is tied to rotten meat. If you manage to save your rotten piece of meat from the dragon, you win this game. Even participating in this show is a courageous move, if you ask us.

2. Blowing cockroaches in the mouth.

One of the most disgusting things in this world. You try to blow a cockroach into your opponents mouth through a pipe. If you fail, you have to eat the cockroach. You don't wanna lose this one.

3. Carrying balls inside of your boxers and taking down your opponent by hitting them with these balls.

You increase your chances of hitting your opponent by increasing the number of the balls inside your boxers. Definitely interesting!

4. Japanese Wheel of Fortune

Turn the wheel and open your legs!! This wheel of fortune is much different from the one we already know. You have to open your legs with the help a special tool, according to the number you got on the wheel.

5. Guess and Kiss a Butt!

One guy and one girl go into a closet that will only show their butts. You choose a butt of your preference, kiss it and do stuff with it. Then these people come out of the closet. If your preference was a guy, you lose the game. We are wondering who came up with this idea.

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6. Who's gonna come first?

Two women choose two totally random guys on the street and they start giving handjobs to these guys. The first one that comes is the winner. It's hard to tell whether there is a loser on this one.

7. Boob-shaking contest!

A boob shake tracker is put on your opponent's body and you try to gain the highest number of vibrations by shaking their boobs.

8. How long can you stare at a sexy stranger?

This one is almost like a camera prank. The contestants don't know that they are included. A hidden camera is placed to count how long the contestants stare at this woman. The one who manages to keep their distance and hold themselves wins the contest.

9. Opening boxes

This one is a bit different than the box-opening games you already know. You try to reveal a naked woman by throwing balls that stand before her. You also have to resist a rope that has been pulling you in this process, because if you can't, you dive into a coal tar pool. Absurdity levels are beyond our understanding.

10. Try not to orgasm!

One gay guy is giving a blow job to a heterosexual guy and tries to make him orgasm. If the hetero guy can hold himself from the orgasm, he wins the game.

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11. Bra-pulling with clothespins.

Your nose, nipples or another part of your body that has thin skin is chosen and they put clothespins on that area. These clothespins are tied to another woman's bra. You pull the string with the clothespin area in order to remove the bra.

12. Singing while someone is giving you a hand job

It's almost like America's Got Talent, but it's not. You try to sing while you are given a hand job. You shouldn't stop singing or get distracted in this process. Sounds difficult!

13. Whipping male parts

As the figure indicates, the one that stands the pain longest wins.

14. Dig the head to the butt

Your friend's butt slowly approaches your face if you fail to answer the questions. The one who touches the butt first loses.

15. Resisting a reptile attack

You put your head into a hole and there is a huge reptile. The one who stands the longest wins. We don't wanna know what happens in that hole.

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16. Farting on a face

This is very self-explanatory :(

17. Turtlehood

Probably the most normal game in this list. You wear a turtle costume and take your partner on your back. All you have to do is to carry them without falling into the water. The only problem is that you are blindfolded and can't see anything.

18. Slide through the boobs

All you have to do is get closer to the target boobs as fast as possible! No touching though; if you touch them, you'll lose and get shocked.

19. Strip off a hostess

A bunch of weirdos turn a platform that is tied to the hostess' dress. If they manage to unstitch the whole dress, they win. Who is coming up with these random ideas for TV shows?

20. Japanese quiz show

There is a special tool that is designed to spank you if you fail to know the answers. Not like the other innocent quiz shows.

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21. Mouth to mouth

They put a bug or a spider in your mouth. All you have to do is to put those into another person's mouth. This process goes on until you reach the last contestant. Why so disgusting???

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