21 Jawdropping Details Showing The Mastermind Behind Inception!


After learning about this information, it is unlikely that you will stop yourself from watching the movie again. Inception and Nolan once again leave everyone speechless. Let's dig more into the details.

1. The word "DREAMS" is formed by combining the first letters of the names of the movie's main characters Dom, Robert, Eames, Arthur, Mal, and Saito.

Nolan used the same method previously in The Prestige. Combine the initials of the two main characters' names and surnames, and see what happens.


Alfred Borden & Robert Angler

2. Christopher Nolan, while creating roles for the Inception team, said he based it on the main people involved in a filmmaking process.

Cobb, the director; Arthur, producer; Ariadne, production designer; Eames, actor; Saito, studio; Fischer is the spectator. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nolan said, "I did something based on something I knew while trying to create a team."

3. The name of Cobb, played by Leo, is identical to the name of one of the main characters of The Following, the first film by Nolan in 1998.

Both characters are some kind of thieves.

In the name of Cobb, a greeting was sent to the famous architect Henry N. Cobb.

As you know, Cobb works like an architect in the film.

4. Nolan began writing Inception in 2001; After 10 years, he was able to complete the film.

He thought he had not yet earned the experience to shoot Inception. He was also influenced by virtual reality films such as The Dark City (1998), The Matrix (1999) and The Thirteenth Floor (1999).

5. Penrose stairs,


The structure that exploded on the 3rd layer,

Scenes with zero gravity were done without the use of computer technology.

The freight train that hit Cobb's car in the first layer of his dream was not a computer effect. It's a train-looking tractor.


6. Nolan used a computer effect for the scenes he thought were just too necessary.

According to Director of Photography Wally Pfister, Warner Brothers executives contacted Christopher Nolan to make the film 3D, but he refused this idea. Because he didn't want 3D to be used as a distraction for the story.

7. With the Penrose stairs Arthur showed Ariadne, they refer to M.C. Escher's lithography.

Escher is known for the optical illusions.

8. We see the number 528491 many times in the film.

On the napkin Fischer gives Cobe, on the doors of the hotel rooms, in the combination, in the power room which starts with 52, and with the security code, they set as 528-491.

9. There is a series of comic books called, "Inception: The Cobol Job."

10. With the totem used by Mal, it is thought that there is a reference to Clifford D. Simak's "Ring Around the Sun" story.

With the totem used by Mal, it is thought that there is a reference to Clifford D. Simak's "Ring Around the Sun" story.
With the totem used by Mal, it is thought that there is a reference to Clifford D. Simak's "Ring Around the Sun" story.

In this story, a ball is used as a way to move from one parallel universe to another.

11. Nolan was inspired a little by an animation named Paprika.

Paprika is also about dreams. There are serious similarities between the two.

12. There is a serious resemblance to the comic book, "The Dream of Lifetime" published in 2000.

In the comic book, Beagle Boys go into Uncle Scrooge's dream using a device. From Scrooge's mind, they try to steal the password of the case where he hides his treasures. Donald Duck, who gets involved in the dream, saves him from this robbery.

13. The idea of, "waking up in the sky in a higher level when you jump from a skyscraper and die'' could be an inspiration.


The same situation was happening in the final scene of Vanilla Sky in 2001.

14. When the film was broadcast in Japan, it was written on the corner of the television to find out what layer they were on in order to avoid the confusion.


We thought Japanese people were smart!

15. The scene where Arthur tries to convince Saito by saying, "Don't think of the elephants" is a reference to George Lakoff's famous conceptual semantics book, "Don't think of an elephant."

In this scene, Saito said he thought it was not possible to place an idea; Arthur said, "What would you think if I tell you not to think of elephants?" In answer to the question, he said '"elephants." So he was putting ideas into Saito's mind.

The book, that which was referenced to, tells how to use words to place an idea in a secret form in someone's mind.

16. The flight attendant who brought water to Robert Fischer is Christopher Nolan's cousin, Miranda Nolan.

She also had a small role as a servant in The Dark Knight Rises.

17. Nolan, at first, thought of shooting Inception as a horror movie. He decided to change the script into a story of robbery as he went through it.


18. The meanings of the names of some of the main characters is also shocking.


Dom Cobb's intention since the very beginning is to go home. Dom means "house" in Slavic languages. It is derived from the Latin "domus." Cobb phonetically means "dream" in languages such as Urdu, Sanskrit, and Hindi.

Joseph is a character who produces medicines to fall into dreams. In the holy books, prophet Joseph is a name with the ability to interpret dreams; It is obvious that this is a reference to him.

Mal is an abbreviation of Malorie. It comes from "malheur" in French which means "unhappiness." "Mal" also means "evil / evil" in French. Let's also remember that Marion Cotillard, who portrays the character, is French.

19. The labyrinth that Ariadne drew as he entered work was the maze of King Minos. In Greek mythology, Ariadne is the daughter of Minos, King of Crete.

Ariadne helps the lover Theseus to overcome the Minotaur (half human-half bull creature) and give him a red rope so he can find his way out of the labyrinth.

This myth was the basis of Richard Strauss's and Hugo von Hofmannsthal's opera Ariadne auf Naxos where there was a play within a play. This inspired Inception, which is about the dream within a dream. Ariadne also helps Cobb out of the labyrinth.

20. The ending of the film wasn't certain; Was Cobb in a dream or in reality?


The majority of people think he's not in a dream in the scene where he sees his children.

It is also said that the turning totem is not Cobb's but it is his wife's Mal's. There is also a group that says that Cobb's totem is a "ring."

Because he's wearing the ring when he's in a dream and he's not when he's awake.

Another majority believes that everything is Saito's dream.

21. You remember that they listened to Édith Piaf to fall asleep in the movie.


Now stand tight, the film's music is actually the slowed down version of Piaf's song, "Non, je ne Regrette Rien." Let's listen. 👇

The film takes 2 hours and 28 minutes, and the song takes 2 minutes and 28 seconds in the original print.

This slowdown is brilliant because the time in the dream is slower.

Do you think Cobb was in a dream at the end of the movie or in reality?

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