20 False "Signals" Making Guys Think Girls Are Hot For Them!

etiket 20 False "Signals" Making Guys Think Girls Are Hot For Them!

Mr. Peppermint
February 14 2016 - 09:29pm Last Update: April 11 2016 - 01:46pm

Men are far behind than women when it comes to understanding the ‘signs. They not only miss obvious flirtations, but also can be extremely creative at interpreting “signs” that don’t actually exist. We compiled a list of the cases in which men say “I think she’s into me,” just to show you how ridiculous they can be when it comes to getting everything wrong. Women, especially, should read this carefully to avoid giving these poor beings any false hope.

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1. “She’s laughing at my jokes”

Of course, she must only laugh at yours. She probably doesn’t even smile at the jokes other people tell.

2. “She listens to me very carefully”

Why are you still here? You should propose already! Man, this girl is CRAZY for you!

3. “She seems to be very interested to everything I say”

Is it possible that you might be confusing politeness and kindness with love and admiration?

4. “She wants me to try her food.”

It’s probably what is known as “reciprocal food sharing”, This occurs when you make her try your food first, so she feels obligated to let you try hers.

5. “She drinks with me!”

OMG, she must be wet down there for you dude!

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6. “She laughs at my jokes, even the dirty ones.”

She might be scared as well. Women can get cautious and try to stay on the good side of a weirdo, especially when they are alone with one.

7. “She says ’No kidding!’ as she softly punches me in the arm.”

Dude, she might as well be dry humping you; she’s far beyond the limits of love already.

8. "Her feet are pointing towards me!”

I think you’re becoming pathetic and attaching meanings to random things…

9. "She plays with her hair while talking to me.”

This is all because of that bullshit book called “body language”. She must be in love with you big time just because she plays with her hair, and there can't possibly be any other option. Why don’t you just go get her?

10. "She’s literally seen every single movie I have.”

This may rather be a sign that the directors did quite good jobs, than she is into you. Probably even directors don’t think that much what their movies can actually mean.

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11. “Her third button is undone and she does not seem to care.”

Are you sure she is aware of that? Unless she unbuttoned them while looking into your eyes, of course.

12. "She talks politics with me."

Does she also keep breathing next to you? It may be a sign as well.

13. "She left her purse with me before going to lady’s room."

Applying same logic, she left her coat in the checkroom at the entrance. She must be into checkroom too.

14. “We bumped into each other twice today… This is too much to be a coincidence!”

Absolutely! She is following you wherever you go. She is your stalker!

15. She offered me gum...

... Jesus Christ!

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16. “She posted the photo I took for her on Instagram!”

Did she also caption it like “from the love of my life”? If she did, you could be right.

17. “She posted a song on her Facebook that sounds like it’s about us!”

Sure, you are her life now, everything she does is about you.

18. “She told me I had something in my teeth.”

This is more of a sign that she got disgusted with you.

19. "She always smells like perfume around me."

She might be taking showers as well. It is really desperate of you to

relate her basic personal care with your presence.

20. "She ended her text with 'see u soon'!".

Thank god she did not write something like “kisses”, or you would have

already proposed her.

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Bonus: "She worked out next to me at the gym!!"

Omg she is burning for you bro!!

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