20 Cruel & Funny Insults In Different Languages


Culture plays a great role in shaping perspectives and therefore, languages. If you want to insult your friends like a boss, you should use these insults compiled by 9gag from all over the world. Your sophistication alone will crush your addressee. Let's see what people all over the world find insulting and how delicately they put these. :)

Source: http://m.9gag.com/gag/aRe3X37?ref=fbp

1. Spain/ "You are so ugly, you made an onion cry."


As we all know, onions can bring tears to our eyes like a motherf*cker. In this insult, you reverse roles with the onion, causing the poor vegetable to cry from your ugliness. (Well, not you 'personally'... I am sure you are a beautiful bastard.)

2. Germany/ "Someone who has sex in the dark"


This insult, used by Germans, again makes reference to one's (bad) looks. It kinda translates into "You are so ugly that your partner(s) would only have sex with you in the dark." (Doesn't matter, had sex!)

3. China/ "Snake head rat eyes"


Neither snakes nor rats are known for their loyalty or moral values. Chinese people use this expression to describe somebody sly and conniving.

4. Hungary/ "Under a frog's bottom"


This expression emphasizes one's ignorance.

5. Serbia/ "May your wife give birth to a centipede so you have to work for shoes all your life."


This expression is not only unique to Serbia, but also pretty hurtful. If you hear this, you must have pissed off somebody real bad. It is addressed to hen-pecked husbands.

6. England/ "She's got a face like a bag full of spanners."


Don't be fooled by the reference to 'spanners'. It isn't about how useful they are. If somebody says this about your face, they mean that you are fugly.

7. Bulgaria/ "You are as ugly as a salad."


Wow, I guess the rate of vegans and vegetarians is not that high in this country. Well, a salad is not necessarily ugly, but Bulgarians seem to have a different opinion and they use this insult to call people "ugly AF."

8. Scotland/ Glaikit


This is an insult used to point out how stupid a person or an action is.

9. Armenia/ "It is not pretty watching a jackass trying to eat a pomegranate."


This one is used to make reference to someone's clumsiness.

10. Australia/ Ranga


This word means "orangutan" and is generally used to insult redheads in Australia. Their hair is compared to that of an orangutan.

11. Sweden/ "Go and hide under something old!"


This expression is directed to those who do or say something stupid. They are 'kindly' told to get lost and hide under an old blanket so that they will look even more foolish.

12. Malaysia/ "A man who walks behind his boss reaching through his legs and supporting his testicles."


This one here is mostly used for people who are being a suck-up.

13. Korea/ "Dog baby"


You might actually think that this one is all innocent because of the words 'dog' and 'baby'='puppy'. That's not the case, in Korea it means "son of a b*tch."

14. China/ "250"


Again, don't be fooled because it is just a number. This insult stems from the ancient Chinese tradition. If 1000 dilao make up a brain, this expression suggests that someone has only a quarter of a brain.

15. Finland/ "Your mother mates with reindeer."


Insults targeting mothers are many in number and actually quite similar in meaning.

16. South Africa/ "Nipple Head"


This is directed at bald people. Although hair loss can be a sensitive issue for many, it is likely that you will hear such an insult in South Africa.

17. Somalia/ "Tell that to your ass."


This insult is usually used when someone does or says something stupid or disagreeable.

18. Russia/ "You can sharpen an axe on the top of his head."


This is, of course, not meant literally. This expression just points out one's stubbornness.

19. Ireland/ "As thick as manure but only half as useful"


This means that somebody is not only stupid, but also quite useless. OUCH!

20. France/ "To speak French like a Spanish cow.


Lots of people who go to France try to speak French like a true French person, however, the French find it amusing. This one not only insults those who try and fail at pronouncing such a difficult language as French, but also Spanish people.

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