19 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Going Out With An Italian Guy


Italian men are a true legend with their good-looking bodies, and enticing smiles. Well, it's our job to poke that image and see if it's really what it is!

1. Sorry but they redefine the word "sticky" with their existence.

2. You probably won't see them the next morning.

One night stand concept was invented for and by the Italian men.

3. We all agree they are handsome and charming, but this just makes them arrogant AF sometimes!

4. Did you somehow manage to keep them quiet? Bravo!

5. You'll love their looksy! Of course when they are bored of looking at your hips and tits, and actually start looking at your face!

6. Most of us use the adjective "frilly" for women, in Italy it is the opposite.

7. They look like mythological Greek Gods, don't they? Well, why would they need to improve themselves?

When you start an intellectual talk, it is literally like talking to a statue!

8. They are ideal if you accept these womanizers hang around while you wait for them at home, fascinate you with romantic talks once a month, and if you are OK with looking after them while their only interest is getting fitter… For the rest of your life!

You might wonder why there is no groom in this picture. Well, it is probably because he's chasing that girl passing by.

9. If your affection lasts 15 to 20 minutes, an Italian man is the best match for you! Otherwise it will end when he starts to talk anyway...

10. He might steal your thunder with his fancy shoes, trousers, and accessories. Are you ready to lose this style contest to a man?

11. He might be a better cook than you. But when it comes to washing those dishes, you'll realize he cooked that delicious pasta only to fascinate you!

When we talk about kitchen, they are actually more like the one on the right.

12. Mama's boy won't let you to come between his mother. And his mother…Oh, Gosh! You'll learn what a mother-in-law's job is.

Try to make an Italian boy upset, and see what we mean by an angry Italian mother-in-law!

13. You CAN'T have a word about his family, especially about his mother - or his interests in football, pasta or clothes!

If you are married to an Italian man, here is a typical photo of his home.

14. Get ready to lose your precedence over bathroom cabinet and wardrobe to a man. He'll have more care products and clothes than yours!

15. You'll probably have difficulties if you try to follow his hand gestures while he talks.

Here is a sequence of his 15-second talk. Only a taste…

16. You'll have no idea of an Italian man's marital status until his wife comes to hit you in the face! They don't like wearing wedding rings, nor any other signs of marriage!

17. Ready to become deaf? Well, we all know how loud Italians can get...

18. Are you ready for the "Who has the best legs?" contest?

And you thought they always stay like that? They do age and they age early...Here's what they usually look like when they are get older...

And this...

And also this!

Despite all the things above, we can't be judgmental if you're with an Italian man, as most of them do look like this…

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