18 Types Of People You Should Be Extra Careful With!


There are many dangerous people out there. Today we are showing you 18 types of them, so at least you'll be able to protect yourself a bit  😁

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com

1. People..? Why do you create a crime scene like this?

If a person is able to do this to his fries, imagine what he can do to you. Be aware when you are around of those psycho people. 😒

2. This person definitely cannot be trusted!

This is a real pretender. No one does this. No one should do it. Ask for his real identity. It might be an undercover agent 😁

3. Oh come on!! This is pure evil 😖

Just run away when you see this.

4. I can't bear looking at this 😵 What's wrong with you people??

This is not a bad person, but he doesn't know what to do with his life.

5. Is that... Is that a spoon? Someboday call an ambulance 😱

These kind of people will trigger your OCD.  😔

6. That poor burrito. No one deserves this.

She might harm you without meaning to. Just be careful. 🙊

7. This is pure cringe.

This is your friend who grew up as a punk, then became an emo, and then opened a hipster coffee shop 🙈

8. Orange juice on cereal? This is far beyond evil.

They might even eat you when they are hungry 😅

9. At least you could have respected that chicken's soul.

They respect no one 😠

10. I'm sure that he did it for the sole purpose of not sharing with anyone.

They are only good day friends 😒

11. NO!

Do not answer their phone calls 😔

12. This act will be avenged.

I can assure you that they will prank you and put it on youtube. You'll be a meme soon 😕

13. Eating all fruits with

They are just lazy. Harmless, but you'll get no benefits from them. And hey, don't be a jerk.. friendships are not based on benefits. You should reconsider yourself 😧

14. Why do you make that Ice-cream suffer??

Remember Joffrey Baratheon? This is him.

15. If your roomie does this, know that his next act will be killing you.

We warned you!!!

16. Darth Vader? Sauron? Skeletor? Even they can't think of this act.

Just when you think things cannot get any worse 🙉

17. This is a lesser crime. Still unforgivable.

Just avoid them 🙈

18. People who do this.

A day before your wedding, you see him doing this. Just take the ring and go to Mordor.

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