18 Things Geminis Want To Scream Out Loud To Humanity!


All other zodiac signs aside, Geminis have been long suffering and they want all of these 18 problems solved asap! They can't tolerate these things, yet still they often keep it in! We hear you guys, and we want to show our support!

1. "Could you please be faster and more practical?!"


Yes, they're about to lose it if you don't wrap it up now! Being much more practical and quick will go a loooong way. This is also be applicable to your career and overall life, too!

2. "We are FREE SPIRITED!"


You have to behave accordingly. Do NOT try to limit their freedom or personal space or they will freak out!

3. "Stop bossing us around!"


It will be your biggest mistake to give them orders instead of asking nicely. This is actually not a gemini-only thing, but geminis hate it the most! If you want to get things done, stop bossing geminis around!

4. "We're wild!"


So what if they want to live every day to its fullest!? Stop calling them freaks just because they like hanging out late and doing things many people won't even dare think of!

5. "Be honest! Be honest ALL THE GODDAMN TIME!"


You often think geminis are being rude or hurtful, but they're just like that. They like being straightforward and blunt instead of looking cute and friendly. Matter of fact, they're your real friends!

6. "Lies...Not my game!"


As said above, they like honesty and they're always straightforward. Don't expect to hear lies from them! They also won't sugarcoat anything either.

7. "We know nothing...About evil!"


This is usually true! The little child within them keeps geminis pure and good willed! Instead of going behind your back, they'd rather sit down and have a proper, civilized talk with you!

8. "Have some self respect, have some character!"


Don't just do everything people ask you to. Learn when to say no and stand behind your decisions. Geminis hate it when people just bow down and obey.

9. "We don't gossip!"


They like sharing and exchanging information, but this doesn't mean they gossip and talk about everybody's affairs. Again, if you gossip with a gemini, the word will be out there soon enough. Sharing's everything!

10. "Do you need something? Just stop babbling and say it straight away!"

They hate rhetorical questions. If you want to know something, just ask. It's mentioned above how straightforward these guys are. Just ask and get your answer asap.

11. "We're not indecisive!"


Geminis pick the best out of ALL available options. It just takes them some time to figure out all the options and go over them one by one. This also shows how they don't fancy taking risks.

12. "If you're jealous, GTFO!"


This goes both for relationships and friendships. Geminis can't really tolerate any level of jealousy. What else did you expect when they're this straightforward?!

13. "Why are you so afraid of meeting new people?"


Geminis are hip, happening people and they literally LOVE exploring! They're "that" person who meets everybody else at a house party. And if you're in a relationship with a gemini, get ready to set sail to new adventures.

14. "Follow us! Instead of being routine and boring, make the best out of your one and only life!"


Geminis don't usually understand when people are afraid of change, adaptation or moving forward. They never enjoy wearing/doing the same thing every day and they always look for new opportunities to add more color into their lives! Change is the key towards a new life...

15. "We need more attention!"


Can they have more hugs please? Geminis are keen on being adored and looked after!

16. "Don't leave me alone!"


Say you did leave them alone...Then you'll have to face and feel their wrath! You can be sure you'll end up regretting that decision.

17. "Seriously, aren't you bored yet?"


They like exploring and seeing new stuff. As a result, they don't fancy if people keep talking about the same thing for hours. Oh and yeah, they get bored easily.

18. "We convince you when WE want, not when you let us!"


They like to think they're that strong and effective. Truth is, sometimes they really are! They can be very persuasive, especially when it comes to relationships!

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