17 Traits Of Serial Killers

17 Traits Of Serial Killers

Yvette Darlene
July 20 2016 - 01:02pm

For a person to be considered a serial killer, he/she has to have killed at least three people with the same kind of weapon, for the same cause. These monster brains have been examined by psychiatrists for years. The results that the research come up with are as follows:

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1. Most of them have high IQs. This is what the meticulous and detailed murder plans and the message they give with their murders show.

2. Most of the male serial killers have been sexually abused in their childhood.

3. They leave the bodies somewhere that the police can find easily and quickly, because they don't want to get caught, but they want to be known and noticed.

4. People in their social circle define them as friendly, good and helpful. They are very good at hiding the monster inside.

5. They have usually grown up in torn families. Most of them have controlling, oppressive and religious mothers.
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6. There are a good number of convicts in their family.

7. Almost all of them tortured their pets and stray animals in their childhood

8. Most of them keep reminders of their murders; they keep an item or body part of their victims as souvenirs.

9. They have been interested in pornography and fetishism since a young age.

10. They all go on committing murders until they get caught. There is no serial killer that has just stopped it on their own terms before getting caught.
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11. Most of the male serial killers have dressed as a girl in their childhood years.

12. Most of them sexually harass their victims before killing them.

13. Most of them are scared of dying because they can't kill anymore once they are dead.

14. They all have their own logical reasons to kill people. They are convinced that they are serving a greater good.

15. They usually prefer guns to kill people, as it is easy to get one and use one.
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16. 90% of serial killers are men.

17. Most of them are also addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
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