17 Things Lazy Couples Love Doing

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When two lazy people come together, their laziness doesn't add up, but instead multiplies. But isn't it super amazing to find someone that even just being lazy with is fun?

1. They take 1-2 hour naps every day.


2. They keep their PJs on most weekends.


3. Watching movies and tv shows together is the biggest excitement in the relationship.


4. The emptiness you feel after binge-watching a series and finishing it in two days is one of the most emotional moments in the relationship.


5. The questions like "Babe, what shall we do today?" aren't familiar in a relationship of two lazy people.


6. Because both of them are completely fine with doing nothing.


7. Meet-ups never happen in the morning or at noon. Neither can get out of the bed and start functioning before the afternoon.


8. They usually use voice recordings because they are too lazy to type.

9. One of the biggest arguments they have is about who is supposed to cook today.


10. And these arguments are usually resolved by ordering pizza.


11. This solution is especially important and good because it also avoids the argument about who is going to wash the dishes.


12. The laziness leads these people to find genius solutions to the possible problems that they might have at home.

13. When they are invited somewhere, hours-long brainstorming starts in order to come up with an excuse to kindly reject the invitation.


14. And when they show up at the event, they don't stay long, and nope the f*ck out of there, thanks to a well thought lie.


15. Although going out on a romantic date seems attractive most of the time, both of them know very well that nowhere will be as good as their bed.


16. And they both know deep down that they aren't missing out on anything and the general view on what to expect from a relationship doesn't matter at all.

17. All the lazy couples! You are living the life that everybody dreams of. Keep up with it, and good luck!

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