17 Things Everybody Secretly Does In The Shower!

17 Things Everybody Secretly Does In The Shower!

Yvette Darlene
October 26 2016 - 04:58pm

The shower is a private area for everybody (unless you decide to shower with another -hopefully special- person to save some water; because you know, climate change and all). But let's face it, we are more inclined to share our bed or bedroom with somebody else than we are willing to share our fun and private time in the shower, or in the bath (you are lucky if you have one). 

We do such stupid sh*t in this private 'temple' of our own that we laugh at it ourselves when we reflect on it later. Let's see some classic and some more specific shower-action!

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1. Masturbation

2. Singing while pretending the showerhead is a microphone.

3. Peeing in the shower (Try brushing your teeth meanwhile if you are in a hurry, and you are welcome for the tip.)

4. (Re)reading everything that is written on the shampoo bottle.

5. Closing your eyes and standing still under the water for a while.
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6. Making stupid and funny sh*t using your wet hair with the help of shampoo and checking yourself out in the mirror.

7. Making serious life decisions that you forget about as soon as you step out of the shower.

8. Foaming up the shampoo in your hands and blowing it around.

9. Filling your mouth with water and spurting it around.

10. Shocking your body by switching quickly from hot to cold and back again just to experience that relaxation.
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11. Soaping yourself in sexy moves.

12. Train of thought that becomes more and more ridiculous, the longer you keep up... Then you wonder how it all started considering where you end up while not recalling most of it.

13. Planning for the day in the morning, and for the next day at night.

14. Writing in the steam...

15. Holding the showerhead upside down and staying underneath to create a rain effect.
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16. Heating up your tiles with hot water so that you can lean against the wall.

17. Spraying pressurized water on your body hair to watch how their direction and shape changes.
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