17 Super Fun Things You Can Do With Your Partner In Bed!

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If you have gf/bf, life is awesome; if not, there is really not much to do. 😁

Here are the 17 super fun things you can do with your significant other in bed!  😌

1. Jumping on the bed like kids

As long as you don't break the bed. 😁

2. Starting a pillow fight by pulling his/her pillow away unexpectedly

Don't hit each other too hard, though. 😂

3. Watching your favorite tv show/movie while lying in bed

Isn't following the series together the best? 😊

4. Listening to music from the same earbuds

I hope your tastes in music match. 😄

5. Talking until the sun rises, hearing about his/her childhood...

Unless you have to work next day 😀

6. If you can't fall asleep, getting up and playing cards

Without cheating, ofc! 😅

7. Having breakfast, that your partner has prepared, in bed together

And if your significant other wakes you up with a kiss, it is even better. 😊

8. Playing the guitar, singing and dancing together on a weekend.

Careful which song(s) you pick though. 😁

9. Stalking your common acquaintances online together

No exes, though! 😅

10. Taking stupid-cute photos of each other

Unexpectedly, without him/her noticing 😀

11. Watching your favorite football team while chanting

And if you support different teams and they are playing against each other, it will be even better. 😌

12. Reading together.😊

Isn't becoming more sophisticated together the best?

13. Aaaand gaming

This is what being a gamer requires. 😎 👊

14. Trying to make him/her laugh when he/she is upset by doing stupid things

Tickling also counts.. 😁

15. Getting him/her to scratch your back

Isn't it super pleasurable? 😂

16. Getting or giving a massage after a long day

Relaxing and getting rid of all the stress 😳

17. And of course, the best thing ever: cuddling and sleeping better than you have ever slept

And that's the real deal. 😊

What else do you need in a relationship? 😳

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