17 Struggles Only Shy People Can Relate To!

17 Struggles Only Shy People Can Relate To!

Yvette Darlene
May 20 2016 - 09:46am

Being shy comes with some serious disadvantages and challenges. We tried to sum some up for you in this post.

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1. You are always one step back from others in life.

Even though you are qualified, a fast talker will get that job; you can't open up, and somebody else will get your crush... Being shy is a pain in the a*s.

2. You walk around as red as a beet during the day.

Your cheeks turn red when you feel shy, and it is even worse if you have fair skin.

3. You can't stand up for your rights properly.

For example, while you are trying to prepare yourself to ask for a raise, you realize that years have passed by.

4. You feel uncomfortable when there are many people that you don't know around you.

The horror of 'What if some one tries to talk to me?' is real.

5. You are the greatest listener in every conversation.

Because we try to avoid speaking as much as possible.

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6. You are known as the "good kid" in your family.

This is actually a good thing to some extent, but yeah... only to some extent.

7. You are always considered an introvert by others.

No, being introvert is completely different; we are just shy.

8. Expressions such as "I couldn't hear you, can you repeat it?" and "Can you speak more loudly?" are nightmares to shy people.

'Can't you just appreciate the fact that I have just spoken at all?'

9. Suggestions like "You should go out more often" backfire more than inspire.

Even though you feel like protesting by saying 'It isn't that easy for me,' you decide to not speak up. Everybody should just stop 'advising.'

10. Public speaking?

So, you are actually just telling me to kill myself?

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11. Worrying about what others would think and what would be embarrassing to do drains you.

Maybe embarrassing ourselves is the only thing that we are trying to avoid.

12. You cannot show your full potential, although you know you can do better.

We always hold back, no matter what we are good at. We could even become a nuclear engineer, if we wanted to.

13. A shy person's favorite place to eat is somewhere far away from the center.

Our territories are the back rows in the classroom and the remotest corner in the cafe, where we hang out with our friends.

14. That's how the superpower of shy people emerges among friends: Invisibility.

We can succeed in being unnoticed until the end of the day.

15. Although it looks like girls like shy boys, that's not the truth.

Because they just find shy people cute, and date assertive people instead.

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16. Being shy is perceived as a problem by others

However, it isn't a problem; just a character trait. For instance, some people are grumpy; that is just who we are and we can't do much about it.

17. Maybe shy people are so great that they just hold themselves back, so others will feel better about themselves.

You never know...

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