17 Secret War Strategies Against Your Siblings At Home!


You love your siblings so much and can't live without them, but you still can't stop yourself from chasing them around. Isn't this the perfect love&hate relationship?! ☺️

1. When your sibling has the remote, block the signal receiving spot on the TV 😁

"'If I say we watch this channel, we watch this channel, ok?'😎"

2. When you lay your mischief at their door, you can watch them get roasted by mom, like you're the innocent one.


3. Grin when they bump into something.

Just like this one...

For example, when you burst out laughing at your sibling after he stubs his little toe, he freaks out! 😁

4. Tell them horror stories in the middle of the night.

"Don't look now, but I think there are monsters under your bed. Ok, I'm going to bed now, night night.. 😁😁"

5. Indicate that he was adopted.

'We found you in the garbage, that's why you don't have any baby photos.'

6. Threaten him when your parents are not around, or not looking.

7. Moreover, carry it too far and beat them up when your parents are not looking. 😁

Then, pretend like you were the most innocent person in the world. 😌

8. Dress like twins with your younger sibling on important days.

That's why you don't want him around and send him somewhere else instead. 😁

9. Start with horseplay, then finish on a high note..

See also;  "You hit me 10 times, and I'll hit you just once. Deal?" 😁

10. Sleep in the same bed!

He will have trouble sharing his duvet and pillows all night long. 

Don't forget to draw an invisible line in the middle, and remember that passing that line is strictly forbidden for both sides. ☺️

11. And when it comes to sharing snacks and candy, always give the smaller piece to your sibling.

12. Change the password of the computer, so he won't be able to use it.

The reason the toughest wars start at home.. 😁

13. If you catch them wearing your best outfit...

"Now, you're a dead man!!!" 😠

14. When your company tells you that your sibling is cuter than you...

"Whoa, my ass! You'll regret it. Just wait for them to leave.. 😈"

15. After you finish your food, start sneaking bites from their plate.

Gobble one or two meatballs, before he notices. 😁

16. Cheat by saying 'Give me that dollar, I'll give you lots of pennie.' 😉

In the end, everyone is happy. 😄

17. Give the broken controller to your sibling .

Or don't plug it in the first place. 😉

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