17 Questions Everyone Dies To Ask Their Therapist

17 Questions Everyone Dies To Ask Their Therapist

Chelsea Wrots
November 27 2016 - 03:50pm

We wonder many things about people we just meet and we usually simply ask them what we want to know. But the situation is different with a therapist; it’s a relationship that has blurry boundaries and we’re usually afraid to ask many questions. Here are those 17 most wondered questions that everyone is dying to ask their therapist!

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1. Have you Googled my name or checked my social media accounts?

The easiest way to learn about someone is to Google them: this question is to know if your therapist even wondered about you.

2. Because I did. We have so much in common, did you know that?

We have the same taste in music. Should I talk about this next week pretending like it just came to my mind?

3. Do you think my problems are funny?

For some reason, people wonder this a lot. It always seems like your therapist is going to laugh at you but they’re trying to hold it in.

4. What do you really think about me? Am I too annoying?

We expect them to say “Wow you’re so cool” or “This just happened when I was with my friends.” If they don’t, we think they’re annoyed by us.

5. Would you be friends with me, if we met somewhere else?

The sentence above is the nice version. The real question is: “Cmon, do you like me? You never show it. You do a little, right? Right?”

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6. Do you talk about our conversations with people around you?

They’re definitely having so much fun over me.. I’m quitting this therapy!

7. What do you write on that paper in your hand?

Sketching things, what else could they possibly be doing?

8. Am I more boring than your other patients?

People’s lives must be like movies; my therapist ends the session as soon as our time finishes.

9. Do you think I’m a loser when I can’t find anything to talk about?

I was home all day and watched some tv shows. Let me tell you what happened in the latest episode of GOT..

10. Does everything I say reveal something specific about my subconscious?

“Yes, eating crackers have definitely something with the jealousy you have towards your dad.”

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11. Do you want to hangout together one day?

He/she listens everything, but never talks. Can’t imagine a better friend.

12. Do you feel sad when a patient quits therapy?

Working 8 hours a day makes 40 patients!  You do the math!!

13. Would you be sad if I quit?

Why don’t we ever want to ask this of our dentist?

14. Do you have any favorite patients?

Yes, I do. Her name is Marie. We have such a great time every time she comes by!

15. Do you go like “This one is totally insane” while I talk?

Am I really a freak? Did you just write schizophrenic down to your paper? Does this room actually exist? Am I making this all up?

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16. Don’t you feel bored listening to a lot of people sometimes?

They prefer to hang out with plants or fish at the end of the day, probably.

17. And a classic: Since you studied this, do you have a happy life?

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