17 Psychological Facts That Will Give You A Feeling Of Relief


Human psychology is a very interesting and shady subject... We still can't find all the puzzle pieces to it. It wouldn't be wrong for me to say that everybody experiences moments of feeling abnormal and freakish from the little psychological things we experience. Here are 17 facts that may give you a feeling of relief....

1. Your instincts are usually right. If you are having a bad feeling about something, don't ignore it.

2. Hearing is the last sense we lose before dying.

3. Closing your eyes helps you remember things.


4. There is an actual medical term for not wanting to leave the bed and it's called 'dysania.'


5. People who get shy easily are usually more trustworthy, loyal and generous.


6. There is a huge difference between loving somebody and loving the act of 'loving.'


7. People who are in love with each other develop behaviors similar to obsessive compulsive disorder.


8. People talking in their non-native language have a stronger sense of logic. The more languages you know, the more developed your sense of logic is.


9. The same part of the brain is responsible for emotions for both cats and humans.


10. There is a name in psychology for people who can smile even when feeling all the pain and that is 'eccedentesiast.'


11. Being able to figure out the 'way' you think while thinking is a sign of high intelligence.


12. 'Lalochezia' is the term for calming down by swearing.


13. Humans mostly get lost in their thinking towards midnight or before going to sleep.

14. Listening to sad songs after a breakup is the best strategy. Our psychology can move on, only when we recognize the bad feelings we are feeling.


15. Creative people with impressive imaginations are more prone to anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

16. People who are hard to love are the people who need love the most.


17. If somebody prefers to look at you while laughing in a crowd, that person feels close to you.

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