17 Misconceptions About A Capricorn Lady

17 Misconceptions About A Capricorn Lady

Celeste Ora
May 24 2016 - 04:55pm Last Update: May 26 2016 - 10:35am

Life is tough. Tougher, if you're born a Capricorn. Even more tough, if you're a Capricorn lady.

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1. Don't let her tough look scare you.

She might look like the snow queen and people might confuse her as cold-hearted. Not true at all. She is a care bear, once she lets her guard down.

2. Her toughness is only to protect herself.

Her coldness might be mistaken for being arrogant or stuck-up, and other females, especially, find this annoying. Don't blame Capricorns for that. Their life is governed by the challenging planet Saturn. Their seriousness is derived from that constant struggle that they are in, which creates self-esteem like no other.

3. Capricorns cry too.

As this is a sign of weakness, they will not allow you to see that. It's sort of impossible for them to cry in front of someone.

4. There has to be some rules.

If you're in a relationship with a Capricorn, prepare to have some boundaries. Even easiest things for others can take time with a Capricorn. Call this self-protection, to avoid irreversible mistakes.

5. They don't show it often, but they have a killer taste of humor.

They have few friends, but mostly prefer hanging out solo. They do not have a desire to be the social butterfly. These ladies share their joyful and childish moments only with their closest friends.

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6. They are there for you.

You're lucky if you're friends with a Capricorn. They are caring and compassionate towards their loved ones. They know how to avoid conflict.

7. Always a lady.

Elegance and politeness are in their nature. Even if they want to be rude and reckless, they can't. They know how to behave at every instance.

8. There might be some exceptions.

On rare occasions, she might lose her temper. If someone hurts her loved ones, she might turn into that strong-but-polite monster that she is. Be prepared. It will be hard to understand whether she is complimenting or insulting.

9. She waits for the right person.

She might not show it easily, but a Capricorn lady is a passionate one on the inside. They don't use their femininity to manipulate others. They still believe in searching for 'the one'. She might even prefer staying single until they get what they search for. But when she finds it... The snow queen will turn into a warm-hearted one.

10. It's not hard to notice her inner child.

She likes to play games and she flirts in an intelligent way. She might be flattered by the terms independent and strong. When it comes to relationships, she wants to see the same attitude in her partner.

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11. She has the looks that kill but...

Capricorns do not like too much make up. They prefer natural looks. As they love all things practical, they don't want to bother with tedious things. Life is already tedious and this is enough for them.

12. Not a material girl.

Their priority is friends and family. Money comes second. They don't like to spend carelessly. They always make decisions through a safety net because they know that money can't buy them happiness.

13. They're not always great with kids.

Not a member of the super-mom club but they have a way of having fun. As always, boundaries are there to keep her in track. Being a mommy is no exception. These stubborn behaviors might cause small conflicts around the family at times. She doesn't want to offend her children and she respects that they have a life of their own.

14. They don't give up on things that make them happy.

They manage to look good in whatever they do. When they get married, have a child or even when they get older, they do not leave their self-respect behind.

15. Capricorn woman is a passionate one.

Sexuality is important for Capricorns. She is passionate and she likes to be desired by others. She loves attention and enjoys seducing her partner. Sexual adventures are exciting for her. She doesn't like routines in the bedroom. Prepare to have a colorful sex life.

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16. She has the perfect balance in her relationships.

She knows the definition of 'enough.' She keeps everything balanced in all of her relations. She is respectful to others' feelings and emotions and avoids conflict without breaking anyone's heart. Her good will and devoted nature is key to her relationships. Even if someone disappoints her, she keeps on being nice to them.

17. She is patient, but this does not mean that you can postpone the things that should be done.

17. She is patient, but this does not mean that you can postpone the things that should be done.

Elegance is the definition of a Capricorn. She does not need other people to feel good, she is more of an insider. If she doesn't get the answers she wants, she might come to her own conclusions in her head.

She has all the power to resurrect and this is the most distinctive feature of being a Capricorn. As she is a healer, she likes her surroundings to be strong. She shares knowledge without hesitation and knows that it will come back to her at some point. She is never devastated by the betrayal of others; she's become used to it, as it's a vicious cycle. This personality trait makes her more individualistic.

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