17 Harsh Facts About Life You Need To Face Today!

17 Harsh Facts About Life You Need To Face Today!

Celeste Ora
July 28 2016 - 12:07pm

We all know that life can be tough sometimes. These facts may not make you happy, but they are useful, nevertheless. 

Be careful, the harsh truth about life is below!

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1. Don't get us wrong, but you are going to die soon.

We are not saying this so that you can quit your healthy habits. Understanding this painful truth can help you make realistic plans.

2. All your loved ones are going to die as well.

Even thinking about this hurts. However, living a long life usually means you are going to go through some funerals.

3. Someday you'll realize your whole life is like a race and you never get first place.

That job, apartment or partner... You'll notice that you have been struggling to reach out for the things you want as if you are in a race. Do yourself some good and do not compare yourself to others.

4. You're lucky if you manage to make your relationship last.

You are probably not gonna end up with your first crush. You'll go through a few heartbreaks and then, if you are lucky, you'll meet someone you end up with. Treasure your first years together because, eventually, you'll get bored of each other.

5. You can not get away from getting old. You can keep having fun though.

Who wants to live forever anyway? Try to embrace this fact today - your life will be much easier.

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6. You're probably not going to end up being famous, like you imagined you would be.

You were dreaming that you were gonna be world famous when you grew up. At least an amazing career was waiting for you. You should consider yourself lucky if you get a regular check every month and you manage to live on your own.

7. People tell you good things because they know that you want to hear them.

You were told that you are good looking, successful, decent parent... People are going to tell you these things to make you feel better. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but try to stay grounded.

8. You are what you are and you are not likely to change.

There are only a few people in this world who can change their lives completely. It's not clear whether they've changed or they accepted their own reality. You may not like who you are, but accepting yourself as you are can be a good starting point.

9. You're not going to be able to change anyone.

Our advice: Do not devote yourself to changing someone. If you insist on doing that, good luck. You're not going to be successful.

10. Your children, who adored you when they were little, are not going to like you when they grow up.

Unfortunately, you can't avoid this. All you can do is let them think what they want to think, or move to the suburbs and devote yourself to your cats.

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11. You'll have some haters no matter how good you are.

Even if you don't bother anyone your whole life, there will be people that judge and criticize your actions. Do not try to change their mind. Do good for your own sake.

12. Everybody can go on with their lives without you. The least they can do is miss you.

Sometimes you might wonder what they are going to do without you. Well, they are probably going to be okay. Some of them will be sad without you. Some of them will be better off. This, too, shall pass - for you and for anyone else.

13. Life is going to get back all the things that it gave to you.

You'll have friends, partners, jobs and money. Someday, you'll eventually lose most of these. Just a reminder for you to be grateful every now and then.

14. You're going to accept the fact that you were an idiot back when you were a teenager.

'I know what it is to be young, but you don't know what it is to be old.'

15. Don't try to run after things that are not yours to begin with.

Do not chase other people's possessions. This will only upset you.

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16. You need to learn to make exceptions and be grateful all along.

Don't let those fiction movies fool you. You need to learn how to compromise, or life will teache you the hard way. If people around you say that they do not compromise, they are probably lying to you. Compromising is essential for our modern world.

17. You'll need money all your life.

No matter how much you earn, you'll need money all the time. Try to make a habit of saving up, starting today. 

We hope we didn't upset you with these harsh facts. Make the best of your life and always try to see the good in it, if you can!

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