15 Technologies We Can't Wait To Have From Back To The Future!


In "Back To The Future 2" Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel forward through time to the year 2015. The movie is full of creative and edgy technological inventions. Here are 12 technologies from "Back To The Future 2" we don't have as of 2016 but would like to see in the near future!

1. Producing fuel through recycling

In the movie, Doc uses things like a banana peel and a coke can produce the fuel for the car. However, we still use oil in our cars and worry about how we are going to pay for it.

2. Flying cars

We've been dreaming about flying cars for years but it seems like they won't be happening anytime soon.

3. The shoes that automatically tie themselves

This technology would change the lives of humankind. I'm can't be the only one who is frustrated with untied shoe laces, right?

4. The advertising boards hanging from the sky

We're almost there.

5. Fusion Technology

Fusion technology is, sadly, still in development.

6. Monitor-waiters and automatic dining tables.

7. Swiping machines for individuals

Our beloved writer couldn't foresee the thing called the internet. Whatever, the ideas are similar.

8. Clothes that fit by pressing a single button

This could be amazing! You still have to go for clothes shopping until this technology is invented.

9. 3D Advertising

Although 3D technology is commonly used, it is still not used for public advertisements. Maybe, it is because we would have to wear 3D glasses all the time.

10. Hoverboards

Although there are some attempts to make real-life hoverboards, we are still hanging around on the ground on our skateboards.

11. Instant Pizza

Pizza is always a good idea. Instant Pizza is the best idea!!

12. Last but not least: Time Machines!

What time would you travel to if you had a time machine? To the past or to the future? For the time being, you have only the present time to be part of as there are no time machines. It might be exciting to travel back and forth but it's not happening anytime soon!

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