15 Reasons Why Teletubbies Was The Wackiest TV Show For Kids Ever!


Teletubbies were created to drive us crazy, and we'll show how they succeeded in doing so.

During our childhood we were hypnotized by the Teletubbies, a British made TV-show. And some even continued watching it in their adulthood. We don't know if this show helped children develop mentally, but never seized to amaze them, that's for sure.

Here are 15 reasons why this show was one of the most bizarre things on TV!

1. They only fed on Tubby Toast and Tubby Custard and went crazy after seeing them.

I spent my entire childhood wondering about how their food looked like. And another thing, a person does get bored eating the same food everyday.

2. Vacuum cleaners enjoyed eating ( vacuuming) Teletubby food.

Damn those vacuum cleaners. 😒

3. The voice-over tells about every Teletubby move, as if we were too dumb to figure out ourselves.

“Going down the hill, they are going down the hill.”  Like, OK, bro. I get it.

4. “Over the hills and far away Teletubbies come to play.” This sun baby and his disturbing giggle.

This is literally not creative and we do not congratulate the creator. Well maybe a little because it was a new level of absurdity.

5. Teletubbies playing videos on their LCD tummies and replaying them like we did not understand what's going on the first time.

6. Like these were not enough, the Teletubbies repeated everything after each other.

That show was literally made of repetition.

7. The feeling of emptiness created by the excessively green decor.

8. Weird things looking like something in between a showerhead and a sprinkler.

Farewell time for Teletubbies.

9. The horrible outlook of Teletubbies which the children unfortunately loved.


Moms even threatened children telling them they would turn into Teletubbies if they misbehaved.

10. Their being constantly and disturbingly happy.

Alright, being cheerful sounds good, but too much of it is definitely weird.

11. As it were not enough to see them get extremely surprised by everything, they cheered “Again-Again!” for everything

12. Teletubbies never questioned anything.

Do you really have to go with everything the machine told you? Stand up to it, at least question for once. God.

13. Plus, they cheered up and knocked their bellies together following their joy and surprises.


14. The disturbing and infamous soundtrack

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lalaaa, Poo! Teletubbies, Teletubbieeees...

15. The exact same thing happens everytime they say goodbye.

These guys had some serious mental issues.

Bonus: The best thing about the show was that after the show Pokemon started.

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