15 Reasons Why Finding True Love Is Hard For The Millennials!

15 Reasons Why Finding True Love Is Hard For The Millennials!

Chelsea Wrots
January 16 2017 - 01:43pm

It’s never easy to start a new relationship. But in our modern world, it’s even harder. We can see people complaining about this a lot. But why is it so hard?

So yeah, we have a couple of answers to that.

1. Maybe the biggest reason: Lack of trust.

It’s already hard to share our lives and emotions with someone. We really have to trust the person to be able to do these. But in these days, where most of the relationships are superficial, it’s even harder to build a trust.

2. People don’t have energy for a relationship since they’re already burdened with the responsibilities of life.

Financial difficulties, career goals, future doubts… All of them takes a huge part of people’s time and energy so they hesitate to take the responsibility of a relationship.

3. Disappointment of previous relationships.

Deep scars, wasted efforts, disappointments..

4. And the biggest result it brings: “It’s gonna end anyway.”

I fell in love before and gave so much effort, but it’s all gone now. This will also end; I prefer to be alone rather than living the same sh*t all over again. 

5. In our materialistic world, important feelings like love are not valued anymore.

We give so much importance to material things that we already forgot the moral values.

6. Which made everything superficial, including emotions.

We always pretend to like things.

7. Putting a price tag on our boyfriend/girlfriends.

Rather than personality and character, these are now the features we look for: how handsome, beautiful they are, how much money they make, the places they go, the houses they live, weather they own a car.

8. The problem of the modern world: getting used to loneliness.

Especially self-sufficient people living in big cities get so used to being alone in their own world that they’re afraid of letting someone else into their lives. 

The idea of “I’m used to be alone already. I would rather be alone than dealing with the problems of a relationship” is also another factor.

9. The masks we put on to adapt into the society.

No one acts like who they are to prove themselves to society.

10. Seeing each other as a sexual object, both men and women.


11. Selfishness

I don’t care about people’s feelings. My wishes, my ideas, my pleasures.. 

12. The altered meaning of a relationship.

People now prefer to ‘hangout’ with each other, since it’s less responsibility and it’s also easy to run away.

13. As a result: Increased number of one-night stands

14. Social media

It’s extremely easy to communicate with people through social media, the biggest enemy of relationships.

15. Greed

Why should I give up from my future possibilities for just one person while I can meet with a bunch of people without even leaving my house?

If you have a beautiful relationship despite all these, appreciate it. 😇👏

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