15 Reasons Why Daisy Is The Most Beautiful Flower!


All the flowers are beautiful… But the daisy is a bit more beautiful…

1. You don’t need to buy a daisy, you can just go to the countryside and collect them.

2. Only daisies tell you if he/she “loves you, or loves you not.”

3. There is no woman on earth who can say no to daisies.

4. Daisies are plain and modest, yet beautiful.

5. It features a perfect harmony of white and yellow.

6. Its design is simple and minimalistic.

7. Daisies live in colonies, making you feel not so alone.

8. Chamomile, which is a daisy type, is used as herbal medicine & cosmetic in tea, cream, and lotion forms.

9. Chamomile tea is a life saver for babies, and definitely, by far, the safest remedy for colic.

10. It is approachable, not capricious.

11. There are many beautiful songs about the daisy.

12. It fills your mind with only positive things, such as spring, love, beauty etc.

13. The daisy is unpretentious....

14. In flower symbolism; it means “purity.”

15. And hundreds of poems have been written to its name; To the Daisy...

In youth from rock to rock I went,

From hill to hill in discontent

Of pleasure high and turbulent,

Most pleased when most uneasy;

But now my own delights I make, -

My thirst at every rill can slake,

And gladly Nature's love partake

Of Thee, sweet Daisy!

William Wordsworth

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