15 Occasions To Use Our Beloved "Smiling Poop" Emoji!


The "smiling poop" emoji is like magic. It can help you express anything you want. It is much more meaningful than a yellow smiley face. If  your favorite emoji is smiling poop, you'll understand what we're talking about!

1. Texting your friend after you earn money very randomly.

This emoji is the scale of your enthusiasm! They get you after seeing this cutie.

2. When you are making evil plans with your buddy.

Say that you decided to mess with your friend Sam with your BFF Joe. This emoji is a perfect sign that you are both ready go.

3. When you get away with your white lie in the office.

You managed to add extra 3 days to your holiday just by coming up with a lame excuse. When you add the poop emoji, your significant other will understand what's going on.

4. Right after you do something bad.

You had a fight with your mom and have not talked to her since then. You text your mom, apologizing. Your mom replies "it's alright." This is the exact moment where you should send a poop emoji.

5. When someone texts you offensive messages.

Your friend found out that you told their secret to someone else. They are really furious. You don't wanna mess with them, so you send a poop emoji.

6. When you are not feeling very well.

You've been having some bad times lately. Your friends want to know how you are doing. You write that you are okay. If they keep asking, you just send them poop emojis. They'll understand!

7. When you're making summer plans in January.

Plane tickets are ready, room is booked. The only problem is that you are months away from the holiday. Add some poop emojis while you text, you'll feel some relief.

8. When you ask for something expensive from your S.O.

You have your mortgage bills around the corner but you want to buy a new car. After sending the pics of the car, you'll send a poop emoji. Your S.O. would understand.

9. When you're about to confess something.

Your roomie sends you a text asking where the chocolate is? You just send a poop emoji. It will piss them off, but make them smile at the same time.

10. When they ask your opinion on something you don't care about.

You couldn't care less about it, yet your BFF is forcing you to tell your opinion. What do you do? Send a poop emoji. I mean, what else can you do about it?

11. As a sign of surrender when you have an argument with your mother!

Your mother is texting you and complaining about why you don't visit. Then you send out an apology, alongside this cute fella. It might work for you; try it next time.

12. When your EX texts you that they had a dream about you last night.

Sending out a poop emoji without any text will tell them that you don't fall for these tricks anymore.

13. When you ask your parents for some extra cash at the end of the month.

You are planning to buy those shoes and your father asks why you need money. Send the pics of the shoes and then add the poop emoji. He'll realize that you know that it's not a smart move.

14. Right after your apology is accepted.

Smiling poop will break the ice in no time.

15. The poop emoji will help you pour out your emotions in your darkest depressed days.

These days you are feeling blue. Why should you use another emojis when you have an exact emoji for how you feel? Smiling poop is the best medicine out there. Smiling poop emoji is all the emotions you can have in a single pile!

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