15 Most Absurd Schools And Education Systems In The World!


Different countries all over the world have different education systems. Although we all think that all schools are equally boring, the extraordinary education institutions with their uncommon traditions exist to give children education, or at least some knowledge.

In this content, we take a look at the countries that believe in the value of educations and uncommon schools.

1. Papua New Guinea


In many parts of the world, students have to wear a special uniform and in some other parts, they don't. 

However, in Papua New Guinea, there are students that go to school almost naked.

2. India


In India, worried fathers climb on the walls of schools to help their children during their exams.

This action, which looks very risky, is information-oriented. These fathers want their children to have a good future.



Another school in India... Poor children are educated by volunteers. 

The underside of the autobahn bridge in New Delhi is used as a school. You don't have to be trapped between four walls to get an education.

Education is education everywhere.


3. Indonesia


This is the bridge that students have to take to school, which is a very dangerous and risky way.

4. The Philippine Islands


One boat and three children on it are crossing the river to get to their schools, a very dangerous act...

5. Colombia


Colombia is knows as one of the most exotic countries in the world. However it is very adventurous to get to school there as well. For example, this is how some students cross the 400-meter Rio Negro river every morning.

6. India Babar Ali School


Another inspiring example from India. The school was founded by a nine-year old, Babar Ali.

Babar shares the knowledge he learns at state school in this school that he established in a poor neighborhood, by playing games with the little students that follow him.

This child was declared as a hero, and later on the state sent real teachers to help him out.

Babar Ali has a website where he talks about the education system: babaraliheadmaster.com

7. North Russia


The children of this wanderer folk living in the Tundra region in Russia are taken with helicopters from their families to special boarding schools in August by the Nenets Autonomous Region government.


8. Nepal


Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries and has the least number of winter days. They don't waste money or time to build schools, because everywhere is a school for them.

9. Nigeria


Nigeria is always in the top ten of the poorest countries of the world. Many volunteers from all over the world come to Makoko to build floating schools for children. If you are an education volunteer in Nigeria, the land is provided for you for free. Children also live in the floating houses.


They even have floating parks on top of floating schools!


The plan of floating schools of Nigeria

10. Gaza Strip, Palestine


The Gaza Strip in Palestine carries the deepest scars of the war and has the lowest population. It is almost impossible to find a school because of the frequent military operations.

However, the cold face of the war is still not enough to deter students from keeping up with education. Education goes on full speed, even in destroyed schools.

Lunch break

Students looking at their destroyed schools.

And the cold face of the war again...

11. Texas, USA


In some of the prisons in the USA, convicts attend schools that helps them adapt to the system and go on with their interrupted education during their time.

Diploma ceremonies are held and there and conditional releases take place.

12. North Korea


This is how children are taught to be Anti-American.

13. Sweden


Education in Sweden, which is one of the most developed countries in the world, is, like other things, high-end.

Even though the education system is very strict, students love their schools. They are taught how to solve problems.


Teachers give personalized education to their students in order to develop their talents and skills.

14. India


As the state schools are too crowded and expensive, parents can't send their kids to them.


However, no matter how crowded the schools are, the students are very willing to learn.

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