15 Celebrities And Their Horribly Strict Diets To Get In Shape!


Celebrities are mostly under the spotlight and most of them rely on their looks to stay relevant and get jobs. We have compiled 15 celebrities and their incredible weight loss secrets!

P.S.: The fact that the below-mentioned methods have worked for those specific celebrities doesn't mean that it will have the same effect on you. Instead of following these blindly, you should pay a visit to your physician and get a full blood work done to better address your specific needs and body type and seek help from a professional dietitian.

1. Beyonce had to lose a lot of weight in a month before starring in Dreamgirls.


The queen lost 20 pounds by consuming 6 to 12 cups of a drink consisting of lemon juice, maple syrup, and black pepper.

2. Penelope Cruz lost weight thanks to a diet she named "Chewing."

Cruz, who pops something chewable as soon as she wakes up every morning to ger her metabolism starting and therefore burning fat.

3. Jessica Alba, mother of Haven and Honor, did mean serious business to get rid of her baby weight.


According to an interview she gave to a magazine, she admitted sleeping at night while wearing two corsets. She also said that it got a bit sweaty, but that it was totally worth it!

4. Gwyneth Paltrow started a very intense diet and exercise program before filming Iron Man 2.


After an intensive workout every morning, she had only kale juice for breakfast. Other than that she was only allowed to have a few almonds for lunch. She reached her target weight in a short time, although it meant almost starving herself.

5. Miranda Kerr got rid of her baby weight thanks to her favorite sports: yoga.


She also consumed a lot of coconut milk, which increases the process of fat burning.

6. Although her body seems quite cooperative when it comes to losing weight, she lost 24 pounds in only 3 weeks!

Jolie, who ate crushed garlic and grated ginger, must have experienced the most smelly version of losing weight! 😅

7. Adriana Lima, who ended up looking fitter after giving birth than before, only drinks protein shakes starting 9 days before the show.


And that's how she eliminates the few extra pounds she has right before appearing on the catwalk!

8. Anna Hathaway, who generally doesn't resort to diets, lost weight before shooting the movie Les Misérables by eating only two plates of oatmeal per day.

9. Christina Aguilera lost an incredible amount of weight thanks to the "Color Diet."


The idea of this diet is consuming one single color of food per day. Although it doesn't sound that sensible, it definitely works.

10. Jessica Simpson's secret is pretty simple: walking.


The beautiful actress, who walks around 8.000 to 10,000 steps per day, also does stamina workouts three times a week. Simpson, who says that exercising is the most vital part of weight loss, recommends this to everyone!

11. Megan Fox's secret to weight loss is kinda gross. Every morning on empty stomach, she drinks a glass of apple vinegar, honey, and water.

12. Kim Kardashian, who went from 191 pounds to 127, strictly follows the Atkins diet.

The Atkins diet limits carb intake to a minimum amount, which helps lose weight quite quickly.

13. Madonna's fit body doesn't seem to be affected by all the years that have passed. The secret is simple: exercising.


Madonna, who works out 5 days a week, also seems to have found the secret to staying young!

14. The method for the successful actress, Sarah Michelle Gellar, is a bit too much and partially unhealthy.


Once Gellar notices that she has put on a couple of extra pounds, she lives entirely on kale soup for a week. That's how she quickly loses those extra pounds. We aren't sure if this is a diet or a punishment she gives herself for putting on weight, though.

15. The secret of Victoria Beckham, who keeps her figure despite having given birth to four children, is the Five Hands diet.


Until she reaches her target weight, Victoria Beckham only consumes foods rich in protein five times day and only one handful at a time. That's how she lost 22 pounds after her daughter's birth.

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