15 Annoying Habits People With The Cancer Horoscope Sign Have

15 Annoying Habits People With The Cancer Horoscope Sign Have

Ken Adams
February 22 2016 - 05:01pm Last Update: May 03 2016 - 11:15am

It’s not easy if your zodiac is cancer. It’s not easier being with someone whose zodiac is cancer, either! Even though they have many positive attributes, some of their habits will drive you insane. Since we are still exploring the new horoscope, we thought it’s about time we reveal these habits. This list was put together based on personal observations and research, and yes, I’m a cancer.

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1. Overly emotional

They are extremely emotional. They can even match their identity with a movie character and start crying out loud when something bad happens to the character. It’s a little bit too much at times, you guys!

2. Touchy

They are usually caught up on things most people don’t even care about. They can remain mad at these things for days, and even have depression over it!

3. Constantly negative

They never see the good side in anything. This is why they are not easily satisfied or happy. They always find something that annoys the hell out of them.

4. Short tempered

They can just burst in seconds. We do not recommend being there when this happens. They will regret what they said or did later on, so you might as well just ignore them while they have their flip out.

5. Never impressed

They are not easily impressed or fully happy with their lives. No one knows why. If we did, we would work on it!

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6. Mood swings

They can live four seasons in one day because of their mood swings. They can start the day totally unhappy, and then be happy during lunch time. They can go all emotional in the evening and wake up with depression in the middle of the night.

7. Need for attention

They are in need of attention because of their emotional state. Attention is like a biological need for them, equal to water and air.

8. They love too much!

When they love, they love for life and they take this to the extreme. When you break up with a person who loved you this much, you may never find the same in another guy/girl. Best to consider it again before starting a relationship.

9. They want you to understand why they feel annoyed without telling.

If they are treating you badly, it’s almost certain they have a reason. But if you ask why, they never answer and want you to find it out on your own.

10. Extremely jealous

They take jealousy to another level. Like the top of the food chain. No one should be closer than a mile your lover, or else…

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11. They can’t end a relationship easily

As we mentioned before, when they love, they love so deeply that it’s never easy for them to break up with you. They are used to living with you, and it’s not easy to change that routine. If you leave, how will they cover their need for attention?

12. Obsessive

When they want to do something, they will do it no matter what. All they actually need is time, but they can’t see it. It usually gets out of hand!

13. Low self-confidence

They are usually successful people, but this success doesn’t come from being confident. They are never truly confident about themselves, even though every achievement works towards it.

14. Lazy

They are hard working only when they are motivated. If not, they are lazy as hell. They never want to do a thing, and they keep postponing it.

15. Everything is a matter of pride

When they are mad at you, they never come and talk to you. This doesn’t mean they hate you, it says means they are just listening to their inner voice. They await your move, so keep that in mind.

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