14 Types Of People You Can See On Every Beach


Our favorite place on earth is most likely a beach that looks like heaven. When you are sunbathing on the sand and feeling awesome, you must have taken a look at the people around you to get that déjà vu feeling. We made a list of the beach clichés for your entertainment. Here are the 14 types of people you can see on every beach:

1. The person who doesnt stop taking pictures of his/her feet to Instagram it...


2. Old European guy with a very small bathing suit.

3. The kids who shout aaalll thee timeee to show off their "skills."


"Mooom are you looking?? MOOM I'M JUMPIIIIINGGG!!!!"

4. People who went on vacation just to take selfies.

5. People who make us have to watch their weird piggyback wrestling moments.


6. Couples making out in the sea like they don't have a room, getting us all excited.

"Are they having sex, or just kissing?"

7. Girls who are losing their shit to get tanned.


"Can you put lotion on my pancreas?"

8. The fit mom who is only there to make other moms jealous.


"I think she has some kind of disease, pass me the cake please."

9. Gross men who think they have the right to look at you all over just because you are wearing a bikini.


10. The well built beach boy who worked all winter to show off his body on the beach.


11. The person who read 10 books during the vacation and you have no idea if it has a face.


12. Rich people who want to be spoiled...

13. The snorkel guy who dives like a shark but only in the shallow part.

14. Spring breakers who don't stop partying 24/7 and drink nonstop.

Spring break forever bitches!

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