14 Things People Who Can Only Get Along With Few Others Will Understand


If your way of living mostly doesn’t much with other people then we welcome you to our list.

1. You have met with hundreds of people in your life. Still you only like to spend time with few of them

2. After years of frustration you only expect a matching level of 70 percent with other people. Still it’s not happening

3. Even if you try hard to avoid seeing all the negative sides of others you fail to do it

You know that person is fine. You just can’t stand his opinions.

4. You always dream of meeting someone that you can perfectly get along with

5. You constantly wonder if it is because you are the one who is different or not


6. It’s a real struggle for you have roommates

7. You’ve already learned to hang out with different people for different activities

You have a movie buddy whom you don’t do anything else with

8. As soon as you get enthusiast when you meet a person that you think that matches you perfectly well a great frustration follows it

9. You constantly need some alone time

10. Sometimes you think of replacing all of your current friends with fresh new ones

That's never happening though

11. You never adjust yourself to others just to make new friends

Being like everyone else? No.

12. Sometimes you question yourself about if its good to be like this or not. The answer is yes. You like yourself in this way

13. Only a few people knows this trait of yours

...or maybe no one

14. Then you realize the true meaning of loneliness: Being alone in a crowd

It's who we are

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