14 Signs Showing You Alienate Yourself Without Knowing It!


Do people slowly leave you? Have you ever wondered what you did to make that happen? Actually, you are acting just fine, and it's all about them. Is it, really?

1. You don't talk to people.

When you meet up with friends, or you are in a group of people, you just listen to others silently, off to one side, and not joining the conversation. People push you to say something and don't know whether you are only a shy person, or you just didn't like the stuff they are talking about. Maybe you find it pointless to comment, but it is making people not want to be around you.

2. You don't listen.

You get impatient while others are talking and you just want them to finish so you can start. You interrupt people and start talking like  "So anyway, blah blah." If you keep making people feel like you have something more important to talk about than they do, you'll continue to drive them away. You need to listen.  Others' statements are not less important than yours.

3. Everything is all about you.

Somehow, conversations always come back to you. Every talk ends up with you. When someone else talks about one of his problems, you hijack the conversation to talk about your own. Or, another example is when he's talking about the great news he just received, but again, somehow you have better news. The fact that everything is all about you doesn't arouse interest; it only irritates people.

4. You complain a lot.

You always fuss and complain about everything, more than anyone, while you talk to people. Looking askance at subjects, and being negative most of the time drives people away.

5. You often turn down invitations!

You refuse to see your friends who want to see you too often, and for no good reason. After a while, they just give up, because they know that you'll say no anyway. You should try harder to make more time for your friends.

6. You have a judgmental attitude.

You have an accusing approach to your friends who ask for advice, or who come to cry on your shoulder, which makes people abstain from talking about their problems. They know that you'll condemn them at the end of the conversation, so people do not come to you. They don't want to hear how guilty they are!

7. You're really strict about your principles.

You rule the nest, and your principles are always right. You aren't flexible at all in your conversations. Your friends can't talk with you about a subject freely, because you have such tight boundaries that the topic is locked!

8. You know the best.

Are you familiar with these sentences: 'Ow, it's not like that,' 'Nothing of the kind,' 'you know it wrong,' etc.? You know the best; you always know the right thing. Your friends are always mistaken and they always come up with second-hand information that you have to correct. Well, it is not like that at all.

9. "Go on, I'm listening…"

When you give attention to other things or your phone while people talk, and you say 'Go on, I am listening,' you don't have any influence, believe us. If you are trying to show your interest by saying that, you are going the wrong direction.

10. Yes, you told them so.

'Well, I told you so.' This is the sentence you want to use every time you have a chance, but you don't know how it makes people want to get away from you. Let's agree on something: People are not talking about their problems so you can rub their noses in them.

11. You don't know the difference between honesty and bluntness.

Of course, your friends want you to be honest. They believe that you're telling the truth, but losing the balance with honesty and bluntness causes the loss of your friends.

12. You really believe that you can please everyone.

Your willingness to make everyone like you makes your real friends want to stay away from you. We expressed it before: It is not possible to please everyone, if you continue to believe that, you'll have to deal with the consequences.

13. You use swearwords as conjunctions.

There is no such a thing as a decent swear. Swearing for no reason, not seeing that people are annoyed, and making swear words a sentence element, can be extremely obnoxious.

14. You invade people's comfort zones.

The idiom "Standing too close" defines you. You're entering their personal spaces to express your interest while you talk, but this makes people put some distance between you and them.

Bonus - You generalize… And yes, we know we made you get away from us a little. Oops, sorry.

Do what we say, not what we do.

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