14 Must-Have Apps From the Google Play Editor’s Choice List


Sometimes we need a game just to kill time, sometimes some music to relax or an app to keep things planned. A success indicator for all those apps is the “Google Play Editor's Choice.” We compiled all the best ones for you here in this content. Let’s see the apps you should definitely download to your mobile for a better smart phone experience!

1. Musixmatch Music Lyrics Player

With this cool app, you can now see the lyrics of every single song and even do karaoke! The app is compatible with all music streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, etc. 

Click here to download.

2. Sleep as Android

You can track your whole sleeping circle with Sleep as Android. The app gives provides statistics about sleep deficit, deep sleep and snoring. The only thing you need to do is to put your phone next to your bed.

Click here to download.

3. PicsArt

And the best photography app... You can turn your photos into art pieces with this amazing application and connect with other PicsArt users by sharing your work on PicsArt media or joining art contests.

Click here to download.

4. Alto's Adventure

This one is one of the best snowboarding games ever. Take a journey across alpine hills, villages and ancient woodlands.

Click here to download.

5. Lifelog

This health app, invented by Sony, allows you to view information about your health and fitness. It has so much to offer: walking, music, driving, biking!

Click here to download.

6. Colorfy

Start coloring in your own way with this super cool app! Use the ‘share’ option to post your creations with family and friends and wait to receive likes from the other Colorfy users!

Click here to download.

7. Backdrops - Wallpapers

Pick your favorite wallpaper among thousands of options! Every single wallpaper is unique! Get highest resolution and simply beautiful wallpapers with Backdrops!

Click here to download.

8. SimCity BuildIt

With 3D-quailty graphics, this app is the most realistic city builder of all time. SimCity Buildlt has been on the editor’s pick list for the last two years.

Click here to download.

9. Fast like a Fox

It’s so much fun to use this special app that's received 3 different awards from Google. You need to hit the back of your phone to make the fox run!

Click here to download.

10. Fabulous - Motivate Me!

With Fabulous, you can remember when to drink water or meditate. It also helps you to focus on your work and allows you to read articles about health & wellness.

Click here to download.

11. Androidify

You androidify yourself with this cool app from Google, which means you can create androids that look like you or anyone you want!

Click here to download.

12. Land Sliders

This app has received 2 awards from Google. The game may seem hard to control at the beginning, but we bet you’ll get addicted to it at the end!

Click here to download.

13. Thisissand

You create and share incredible sandscapes with this app!

Click here to download.

14. Red Bull Air Race 2

With it’s newest version, the graphics of this amazing app got so much better and they're definitely worth it to see! 

Click here to download.

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