14 Facts You Probably Never Knew About Strippers!


As much as some people look down on it, stripping is as legit as accounting, and most women/men work as strippers to make money. Hell, some authorities even discuss prostitution as an acceptable professional career, so let's drop all of your prejudices. 

However, stripping is not just about senselessly taking off and throwing your clothes away. Below, you will find 14 interesting facts about strippers!

1. 92% of strippers are women...

Oh don't look all that surprised!

2. 60% of all strippers see it as an extra job, and have other jobs they work at during the daytime.

And the most common one? Teaching! 14% of strippers are also teachers!

3. Surveys show that 86% of people see stripping as a legitimate career, whereas the remaining ones see them as whores...

Ignorance is bliss?

4. Canadian people are having a hard time finding strippers!

5. Strippers who get breast implants can deduct it as a business expense and save on taxes!

6. Interestingly enough, they make the most money when they are ovulating.

Must be the hormones!

7. A study from Leeds University showed that most strippers belong to middle class families.

8. 8 out of 9 strippers would recommend their job to their friends.

9. A stripper can make more than $100K a year!

It JUST got interesting!

10. 1 out of 5 female and 3 out of 4 male strippers have dated their clients!


Tight relations!

11. 10% of all strippers are married!


12. People choose stripping mainly due to their ambition of professional dancing.

13. The average age of strippers is 24.

14. 1 out of 3 strippers says they do it to cover their college expenses.

All in the name of higher education!

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