14 Dominant Ingredients That Suppress All The Other Flavors Inside Your Food


Everybody likes different tastes when it comes to food! You may not even stand its smell, but it can be somebody else's favourite food. There are some ingredients in cooking that dominates the entire food and suppress all the other tastes inside. Here's a list of 14 strong flavors. But you better ask if everyone is okay with it before using in your food.

1. Curry

The most essential spice in Indian and Thai cuisines, Curry makes the food it is added "Curry Food" .

2. Mint

Especially fresh mint has a very 'sovereign' flavor which likes to rule others.

3. Cumin

If you find yourself commenting about a food like: " There is something inside this food, but couldn't just recall it now", it's probably cumin.

4. Dill

Another herb that you would definitely tell when it's inside your food.

5. Grenadine syrup

You can easily distinguish by its peculiar bitter-sweet taste in your mouth!

6. Vinegar

Another strong taste with many haters.

7. Cinnamon

Being one of the best friend of many desserts, everybody is familiar with cinnamon's feel-good scent.

8. Soy

A must-have ingrident of Chinese cuisine.

9. Coriander

Don't confuse it with parsley, it's coriander!

10. Pickles

Especially in salads, burgers, sandwiches. if there are pickles inside, you know it!

11. Ketchup

Known for turning salty into sweet.

12. Fennel seeds

Even a single seed gives you a unique fennel experience once it's broken in mouth.

13. Anise

You can feel its very peculiar flavour from yards away.

14. Parsley

Parsley-haters will notice it right after the first bite.

Bonus: Currants / Champagne grapes

Despite the name, it's usually used in baking.

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