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13 Very Interesting Facts About Lips!

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Eating, talking, kissing, mimicking... These all become possible with the help of our lips. Here are some interesting and mind-blowing facts about lips that you've never heard before!👄

1. Lips are 100 times more sensitive than your finger tips.

There are millions of nerve endings around the lips. This is the reason they are so sensitive. There are is no protective tissue, which makes the lips extremely sensitive to external effects.

2. The lips dry so fast because there are no sweat glands around the area.

Sweat glands are responsible for keeping the body moisturized. Since we don't have any sweat glands around our lips, they dry out fast.

3. Everyone's lip mark is unique.

Just like our fingerprints.

4. The lips seem pink due to the blood veins in them.

The tissue around the lips is actually opaque. The other areas of skin are actually composed of 16 different layers. However, the lips have only 3 to 6 layers. For this reason, the lips seem like they have a pinkish color.

5. Men tend to suffer from mouth cancer more than women.

Women usually use lip balms to protect their lips. This way, their lips stay hydrated and they protect their lips from the UV rays.

6. Our lips lose their plumpness over the years.

The collagen production around the body decreases with age. Collagen is a vital protein for the body and it helps the cells to regenerate. Another duty of collagen is it gives lips their shape. As we age, lips begin to lose their plumpness.

7. The ability to whistle is related to the ''orbicularis oris'' muscle around your upper lip.

Lips are formed by the muscles around the area. Whistling or kissing happens by the movement of those muscles.

8. According to a Scottish psychologist, women who have lip tubercules are more successful in having vaginal orgasms.

The lip tubercules are on the middle part of your upper lips. The tubercules can be more and less defined, depending on the person.

9. Science claims that kissing allows a biological information exchange and lets you take in the pheromones of your partner.

This biological transfer occurs at the back of our brains. Kissing is known to have a significant effect on choosing a partner.

10. In some cultures around the world, women have to cover their lips. It is because lips are considered to be sexual organs.

The reason is definitely oral sex.

11. According to some sociologists, red lips are easily associated with vaginas

An experiment done in France found that men tend to find women with red lips more attractive. The reason behind this is that the red lips recall a vagina in a man's subconscious.

12. Lips can be paralyzed as well.

Lips can be paralyzed in a phenomenon known as "Bell Palsy." This is caused by damaged nerves around the facial area. The people who suffer from this disease have hard time controlling their facial muscles. However, this is a temporary situation.

13. Lips are the only body part that is created inside the body and has extensions outside.

The mucous membrane is responsible for creating the tissues around the lips.

Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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