13 Reasons Why People Keep Acting Hot And Cold!

13 Reasons Why People Keep Acting Hot And Cold!

Chelsea Wrots
January 16 2017 - 01:20pm

The biggest problem of human relationships nowadays is people who run hot and cold. It happens to everyone somehow and you end up being exposed to this weird ‘hot and cold’ behavior. And the biggest question in mind: “Why is he/she not running hot anymore?”

This ‘hot&cold’ behavior may or may not be related to you. How about taking a closer look at this ever-changing behavior? Here are the 13 reasons why people blow hot and cold!

1. Let’s start with the first thing that also comes to your mind: You might have done something that could make the other person sad/mad without noticing.

People usually expect you to understand and solve the problem rather than telling it to you. You can prove your predictor abilities if you can actually solve it. It’s always the best to give it some time and wait for things to get back to normal.

2. He/she may not like you but still trying to be nice, which can cause unstable behavior.

3. They might have tons of questions marks about you! You may seem trustworthy while acting the opposite sometimes; which can lead them into a ‘hot&cold’ behavior.

4. Maybe they have intense emotions about you and don’t know what to do about it. They might be running cold to not to fall for you and hot when they can’t stop themselves.

You know, love can ruin your emotions. It’s not very logical to expect stable behaviors from someone who is in love.

5. Keeping in mind that people have weird fantasies nowadays; they might be boosting their ego by playing hide and seek with your emotions.

Observe these kinds of people as much as you can and run away if you see those weird signs. They’re dangerous.

6. Maybe the reason is not about you at all. Maybe they’re not having the best day, don’t get it personal.

7. ‘Hot&cold’ behavior may be a strategy to get to know you better. Maybe they want to see how you’re going to react to different attitudes.

8. He/she may be suffering from bipolar disorder.

Which has nothing to do with you, not even with them. If you’re constantly exposed to hot and cold behavior, maybe you should research about bipolar disorder both for you and the other person so you can build a healthier relationship.

9. He/she may be extremely selfish to do whatever he/she wants and not care about other’s feeling. Don’t stick with those kinds of people.

Because they will never change. Giving effort will be a total waste of time.

10. They may be reflecting to your behavior. Maybe you should try to catch a stable behavior first.

Maybe you were the one who was running hot and cold first and they’re now doing the same to you. But if you’re sure that you are stable and they’re constantly blowing hot and cold without giving any excuses- then f*ck them. You can’t deal with that forever.

11. Drug or alcohol addiction could be the case. Maybe they’re hot when they’re high and cold when they’re low.

12. They may be too emotional and easily getting affected by the things around them. They may not control their behavior when they’re stressed. Don’t get it personal.

Extremely emotional people sometimes give extreme reactions.

13. Finally, he/she may be gemini, cancer, virgo or pisces. You can’t change them or make their behavior stable, you can only accept them as how they are.

Hope you can find people who can keep that hot and cold balance.

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