13 Emotional Movies From 2018 To Make You Cry Your Heart Out!


In 2018, we cried because of some Hollywood films which have really heavy topics. While we watching them, we weren't enjoy but they made us feel alive...

13. A Star Is Born

IMDb: 8,1

A musician helps a young singer find fame, even as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral.

12. The Hate U Give

IMDb: 6,9

Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressure from all sides of the community, Starr must find her voice and stand up for what's right.

11. Won't You Be My Neighbor

IMDb: 8,5

An exploration of the life, lessons, and legacy of iconic children's television host, Fred Rogers.

10. Eighth Grade

IMDb: 7,6

An introverted teenage girl tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth grade year before leaving to start high school.

9. Avengers: Infinity War

IMDb: 8,5

The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

8. If Beale Street Could Talk

IMDb: 7,2

A woman in Harlem desperately scrambles to prove her fiancé innocent of a crime while carrying their first child.

7. Disobedience

IMDb: 6,6

A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her for her attraction to a female childhood friend. Once back, their passions reignite as they explore the boundaries of faith and sexuality.

6. Three Identical Strangers

IMDb: 7,8

In 1980 New York, three young men who were all adopted meet each other and find out they're triplets who were separated at birth. Then they discover why.

5. Crazy Rich Asians

IMDb: 7,1

This contemporary romantic comedy, based on a global bestseller, follows native New Yorker Rachel Chu to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family.

4. Every Day

IMDb: 6,4A shy teenager falls for someone who transforms into another person every day.

3. Roma

IMDb: 8,4

A story that chronicles a year in the life of a middle-class family's maid in Mexico City in the early 1970s.

2. Arctic

IMDb: 7,3

A man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown in hopes of making it out alive.

1. Tully

IMDb: 7,0

A mother of three hires a night nanny to help with her newborn.

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